On Sunday evening, March 5, Chazaq hosted a vital event for our community. There are so many Jewish children attending public school in Queens that it’s the highest percentage of any borough. This is a problem that Chazaq has undertaken to change. We all know that 75% of children who attend public school do not marry someone Jewish. We have to do something to prevent this.

Purim is the time when the Jewish people voluntarily accepted the Torah, so it is a perfect time for parents to decide on a yeshivah for their children to attend.

This writer with her husband met so many parents at the open house who want to give their children the gift of a Jewish education. We ran a booth on behalf of Our Jewish Children. There were 20 yeshivos in attendance with principals ready to supply parents with information. In addition, Our Jewish Children and other organizations who offer tuition assistance for parents of children in public schools switching their children to yeshivah, met with parents as well.

Young children themselves came to our booth and expressed interest in learning about Judaism. Two young high school girls asked us where they should go.

The event gave parents an opportunity to find out about various yeshivos. There was a warm, friendly atmosphere, and we can only hope that this type of program will bear fruit and bring a Jewish education to every Jewish child, which is so essential for klal Yisrael.

By Susie Garber