YCQ Grade 6 Tu BiSh’vat Shuk

YCQ Grade 6 Tu BiSh’vat Shuk

By Avital Shakarov and Ilana Masheyev

Let’s clap and cheer: The Shuk is here. On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 30 and 31, the Yeshiva of Central Queens JHS grade 6 girls had their annual Shuk. In Israel, the Shuk is an Israeli outdoor market. The girls set up and decorated the Multi-Purpose Room to try to mimic the Israeli Shuk by singing a song about what they are selling. They served many varieties of foods, like dried fruits, candy, drinks, vegetables, fruits, and bakery items. They do the Shuk in honor of Tu BiSh’vat.

Diana Borochov said, “I like the Shuk because we get to interact with more people.” The girls taught the younger grades about how Tu BiSh’vat is the birthday of the trees and that to celebrate we eat certain foods. This way, the students can experience a real Shuk.

Aleeza Ashurov said, “You get to see a smile on their faces.” Sharona Masheyev and Nava Gazal, two grade 4 visitors to the Shuk said, “We feel like we are a part of Israel.” The students loved their visit and hope to come back again next year.

By Avital Shakarov
and Ilana Masheyev