HANC Grandfather/Father/Son Bar Mitzvah Program

HANC Grandfather/Father/Son Bar Mitzvah Program

On Sunday, March 5, we had a fantastic bar mitzvah program at HANC Middle School. The day began with a beautiful davening. Netanel Stern was chazan for P’sukei D’Zimrah and Joshua Aryeh was chazan for Shacharis. Next, a delicious breakfast was served. There was cereal/milk, bagels and cream cheese, juice, coffee, pancakes and Benci’s famous chocolate chip cookies. Rabbi Hecht spoke to the boys about proper behavior at a bar/bat mitzvah.

Following breakfast, there were two presentations. The first presentation was by Scott Feltman, executive director of One Israel Fund. Mr. Feltman spoke about the wonderful things that One Israel Fund does, and he highlighted a program called Sadna. The Sadna Communal Village is a study-residential-occupational framework for young adults (15-26) who have trouble integrating into a regular social and study environment due to various mental and/or physical disabilities, such as Down syndrome, autism, MS, and more. Some of these youngsters also have a difficult socio-economic home background. The seventh grade boys as a group gave money (instead of a bar mitzvah gift) and voted this as a most worthy cause.

Next, Rabbi Heshy Pincus, a famous sofer, spoke to everyone about t’filin and how they are made. Everyone was mesmerized.

The program concluded with spirited dancing. Yitzy Haber and Donny Weinraub (aka the Schnitzel Guys) came and taught the boys how to dance. The guys role-played with the bar mitzvah boy in the middle and dancing with all kinds of “family members.” The program was fantastic!