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Your Say • Readers Write

Dear Editor:

Please allow me to make an important correction and address an omission regarding my article in last week’s issue of the Queens Jewish Link: “Tish’ah B’Av: It’s Personal.” I also wish to comment on Warren Hecht’s outstanding article.

I mistakenly wrote that the liquidation of the Jews began on Tish’ah B’Av 1944. While it did take place on Tish’ah B’Av, it was actually in 1942. Also, I neglected to add to the list of calamities that took place on Tish’ah B’Av. I should also have mentioned that the expulsion of the Jews from Gush Katif took place literally on Motza’ei Tish’ah B’Av of 5765 (2005). Although some Israelis thought that this would bring peace, it instead led to two more deadly wars with Hamas and countless rockets to Israel’s midsection.

Although Warren Hecht and I often find ourselves differing on political matters, I must commend him for his terrific article in last week’s paper. In the article, Warren documents the official policies of the Reform and Conservative movements towards the sanctity of the Beis HaMikdash nowadays. Although I was aware that they did not pray for the restoration of the Temple (the construction of the Third Temple), I was not aware of the level of disdain they actually have for our holiest site. “For us, the Temple belongs to memory…The modern sensibility found a sacrificial mode of worship primitive and repugnant” was taken from a Conservative website.

The Reform platform fully concurs with this, but goes on to state as principle number one that they recognize the “sacred status of the Temple Mount for both Jews and Muslims.”

It is beyond chutzpah that they cry their crocodile tears to have their rightful place of prayer at that site for which they hold no reverence. It is hypocrisy at its height.

Now that I’ve reread this, I wonder if we could ask our Reform brethren, who we know are concerned with Palestinian rights, if they would be so kind as to fight for the rights of Jews to pray on the Temple site alongside our Muslim cousins. After all, they do declare that it is a holy site for both religions.


Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld


Dear Editor:

I look forward to receiving your wonderful publication every week. I thoroughly enjoy reading it. However, after reading last week’s issue of the QJL (July 27), I felt compelled to write, as I was deeply disturbed by an image included in the “Israel News Roundup” section.

There was a sick image of the smiling terrorist who murdered three members of the beautiful Salomon family. While I recognize your newspaper’s rights to a disclaimer, surely that does not exonerate your editorial board from having a lack of sensitivity to your readers and a responsibility to ensure that your paper does not border on using Palestinian propaganda fed to the mainstream media. I am sure that was not your intention.

Just last March, an IDF soldier (Elor Azariya), while on duty in Chevron, followed protocol and had no choice but to kill a terrorist in self-defense. Nevertheless, Azariya was found guilty of manslaughter, sentenced to 18 months in prison and recently released to house arrest.

This has resulted in fellow soldiers being too afraid to do their job. Is it for this reason that the terrorist who so brutally murdered Yosef, Chana, and Elad Salomon is still alive and received medical treatment provided by our amazing Israeli hospitals?

It’s important for the Jewish community to know that this murderer and his family will be rewarded for his heinous crime by receiving over $3,000 per month from the PA.

Why include a photo of this smiling murderer from his hospital bed?

I read your publication amongst three other well-known Jewish newspapers, of which all reported extensively on the massacre that occurred last Friday night in Halamish. Yet, your paper was the only one that chose to include a photo of the terrorist.

I expected more from the QJL – and I am hoping for more sensitivity in the future.


BatSheva Haber

Kew Gardens Hills


Dear Editor:

Is there a reason to put a picture of the vicious terrorist who murdered three precious Jews in the Queens Jewish Link? Do you realize how offensive this is to the reader – to Jewish readers?! Common sense dictates that we do not need to see this; in the future, please use common sense!

Rivka Olenick

Fresh Meadows

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