Your Say • Readers Write

Your Say • Readers Write

Dear Editor:

In Goldy Krantz’s Dating column (“Calling Back,” August 3 issue), she laments that some people don’t respond to their date or the shadchan after the first date.

There’s another phenomenon at play that happens before the first date, or even before a conversation takes place:

Online dating sites, with or without a shadchan construct, provide facility (internal email) for one party to contact another about potential interest. I have personally experienced a significant number of non-responses to my inquiries (not even a polite “no, thank you”). And on shadchan sites, when I have approved the match, the other party will just allow the match to “time out,” never responding yes or no when I have approved the match.

I’d much rather be told “no, thank you,” than feel that I’m not even worth a response.

Does anyone else get that feeling, too?

Steve Katz

Forest Hills, New York

Dear Editor:

Again, the picture is inappropriate. Why are you including a photo of Abbas? He’s corrupt and an inciter of terrorism! We don’t need to see his face.

The article could have a picture of Taylor Force as a tribute to him. I would like to continue reading the Queens Jewish Link, but you need to fully read an article before you post a picture with it. This is very disappointing.

I know you can use better judgment.


Rivka Olenick

Fresh Meadows, New York


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