Left Wondering

Left Wondering

By Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld

 There is a powerful and growing movement in America that should concern us all. Its platform includes the following on their agenda:

  • Sympathizing with convicted murderers while vilifying those sympathetic to innocent humans
  • Not accepting the results of a democratically-won election
  • Defying scientific norms
  • Accepting anti-Semites
  • Calling for the ban of Jews from a certain country
  • Against a free press
  • Against free speech

Sounds scary? It is. Sounds impossible in this country? It’s not. It’s called the Radical Left and it’s gradually becoming mainstream.

Think about it. The leftists are in favor of abortion, and in many cases even partial-birth abortion – the destruction of the most innocent human being, an unborn fetus. Yes, I know the argument that it is not a viable human being and that it is the mother’s right to choose what to do with her body. But honestly, when you hear that an expectant mother lost her baby in an accident or otherwise, G-d forbid, don’t you react differently than if she were not carrying? Why should it be any more upsetting than if she lost her spleen? Instinctively we know that a fetus is a human being in its earliest formation.

Yet the same advocates for destroying an innocent unborn child throw their complete sympathy in trying to prevent a convicted violent murderer from meeting his well-deserved punishment. Why?

The last presidential election was won by Donald J. Trump. You will recall that when he announced in a debate with Hillary Clinton that he may not immediately accept the results of the election, which he suspected were rigged, the reaction was swift and forceful. How dare anyone not accept the results of a democratically-won election?!

So what happens? To everyone’s surprise Trump wins. The Democrats then get into full gear with protesters proclaiming, “Not my president!” They threw out everything in their arsenal to discredit the results: claims of voting irregularities, pressuring the Electoral College to switch their votes, the Russian interference, the FBI Director – all of which proved to be nonsense, which led many of them, including our own representative in Congress, to boycott the inauguration of a president they clearly felt did not win legitimately. Where is the shame?

What defines the male and female genders? Biology and anatomy has something to say about that. Not anymore. Now it is up to the person’s “feelings.” Out with science. In with leftist politics.

What is most concerning is that radical leftism
is no longer considered radical.
It has become part
of the mainstream of the Democratic Party

Stephen Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, even Donald Trump et al are all proclaimed by the left to be anti-Semites. Yet who was the left, including our own Senator Schumer (Shomer Yisrael?) pushing to be head of the Democratic National Committee? Congressman Keith Ellison, of course – one of the most virulently anti-Israel representatives in Congress. Who does our own Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (remember her from her support of the Iran Nuclear Deal?) promote as a great woman in Time Magazine? Linda Sarsour, the radical Palestinian pro-BDS advocate who led the Women’s March in Washington against President Trump. No problem with her anti-Israel stand!

Now we have a Democratic candidate for City Council, Thomas Lopez-Pierre, an unabashed, outspoken anti-Semite who has no problem discussing “greedy Jews” in polite company. Have you heard any outcry from the Democratic leadership? Neither have I.

There has been an unending chorus of protestors, politicians, and activist judges against the president’s ban on immigrants from a list of Muslim countries that are known to sponsor and harbor terrorism. Much of this is part of the same call to delegitimize the election results. But there seems to be no outcry against the numerous leftist professors and college students that call for a ban of all Israeli academicians. Is that hypocrisy, or what?

The press, as a rule, has lost any semblance of being balanced. Yes, they were always pro-liberal. But now they have become unabashedly anti-Trump. The New York Times recently was proud to publish a list of its headlines for the first 99 days of Trump’s presidency. I counted 66 of them to be anti-Trump. That’s over two thirds! One was actually complimentary. But that lasted one day, back on March 14. The others were either neutral or not related to Trump. But the worst part is that all lines between opinion and fact have been blurred. A classic was the front-page headline last Tuesday, I believe, which proclaimed, “Trump’s North Korean Policy Is Risky.” I looked to see if that was news or analysis. It was news, supposedly. It is difficult to tell the difference between the front page and the editorial.

When I called to suspend my Times subscription, I told the operator it was because the paper has become 26 pages of editorials. He told me, “Mister, I agree with you!”

We also know that there has been a concerted effort to remove conservative journalists from their positions. They have successfully targeted major players on Fox News and are aiming for others.

Free speech? Try that at the University of California at Berkley or any other institution across the land that is populated by leftists. Anyone who comes with different ideas is shouted down and forced off the stage before or during the event.

What is most concerning is that radical leftism is no longer considered radical. It has become part of the mainstream of the Democratic Party. Our own representatives that we put in office have betrayed us time and time again. Yet Jews, for the most part, cannot be weaned of their grandmother’s political milk.

My plea to our Democratic representatives: Please do not abandon us. The temptation is great as your party is becoming radicalized. We are witnessing before our very eyes some of our most trusted local, state, and national politicians calling for “resistance.” I don’t know what it is exactly that they are resisting, but the term itself is ominous. We have enough to worry about. We do not want to worry about our friends as well.

Rabbi Yoel Schonfeld is the Rabbi of the Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills, former President of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens, and the Rabbinic Consultant for the Queens Jewish Link.