What Happened To Respect For The Office Of The Presidency?

What Happened To Respect For The Office Of The Presidency?

By Cynthia Zalisky

As a kid, I was taught to respect the Presidency of the United States. I remember vividly how President Ronald Reagan refused to enter the Oval Office without wearing a jacket and a tie. It is a far cry from the informal demeanor of our last president who used to put his feet up on the presidential desk and come into the office on weekends in sports clothes.

I am appalled at the recent shameful Daily News front page headline featuring the word “Nuts” to describe President Trump. This was in response to Trump’s allegation that he had had his conversations wiretapped by the United States government at Trump Tower during the election process and immediately after the victory. President Trump has implied that this was done with President Obama’s approval or possibly with his direction. Now, as of this writing, the American public does not know the full details pertaining to this allegation and where Trump got this information from. It is possible that he received it from conservative media personality Mark Levin who claims that he has proof that the Obama people were overreaching their authority and illegally eavesdropping on the bone fide Republican presidential candidate to get the goods on him that smacks of all the ugliness of Watergate. The $64,000 question is what were the powers that be snooping about? What information did they assume that they could glean to obviously jeopardize Trump’s presidential aspirations? The excuse for the surveillance that is being touted about is that there was concern that the Russians were colluding with Trump and/or his associates to influence the election and to make Trump a “Manchurian Candidate” who could be controlled by the Kremlin. In order to ascertain if that indeed was the case, the government sources would have to officially go to court for warrants to tap into someone’s phones in the course of a federal investigation by the Justice Department, which at that time was run by Loretta Lynch, a Democratic hack appointed by Obama. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), supposedly a secretive court, is responsible for issuing the wiretapping warrants that are judged to be of concern in the area of foreign intelligence. So if an eavesdropping warrant was issued, it meant that a judge was convinced by evidence presented to him or her by the government that any of Trump’s associates may have committed a crime or acted as a foreign agent.  What seemed to have been issue at hand was any relationship with the Trump people with Russian operatives. The pending question in this scenario is whether the Justice Department, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies of the government that are supposed to be neutral politically and acting in the interest of the American people, had in actuality become Democratic hacks aligned with the Obama administration. Mark Levin, a former chief of staff in the Bush Justice Department, has said, “Obama officials have squirreled their appointees into the Justice Department bureaucracy.” It is said that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” If this story is accurate, we are witnessing just that. As of the present, no evidence has been provided to the members of Congress responsible for oversight of any Russian involvement.

There is no doubt that the Democrats did not want Donald Trump to win the presidency, and since his election have plotted to discredit him, hoping to change the results. With this mindset, having Obama authorize the wiretap isn’t so farfetched. He has done worse.

The problem with this latest fracas is the fact that President Trump insists on making his case on Twitter, which only allows a certain number of characters. What happens is that Trump tweets a sensational titillating thought or statement and does not have enough room, so to speak, to explain himself thoroughly, leading to a barrage of criticism, innuendo, and misinterpretation.

There is no doubt that the Democrats did not want Donald Trump to win the presidency, and since his election have plotted to discredit him, hoping to change the results.

The liberal media brings on talking heads that evaluate whatever the president tweets in the most unflattering manner. With this surveillance incident, the press brought in intelligence sources to state categorically that Trump is incorrect and paranoid in his assumption. But truth be told, spooks notoriously lie all the time, so their input is dubious and has to be taken with a grain of salt.

I think it is totally appropriate and sensible for the Congress in its constitutional capacity of conducting checks and balances to investigate the wiretap allegation and inform their bosses – the American people – as to what’s really going on. If people in the government abused their authority, then heads should roll and indictments should be issued. Barack Obama may be gone, but his muddy footprints seem to still be all over the place and should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Cynthia Zalisky is the Executive Director of the Queens Jewish Community. She can be contacted at czalisky@qjcc.org