Blemish Control For Occasional Acne

Blemish Control For Occasional Acne

By Risselle Naimark

No matter your age, you can still experience occasional breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations, the impact of oil production, and even stress – which doesn’t cause acne, but can exacerbate it.

To target occasional blemishes, try using an acne gel on the breakouts. You can even continue with your age-fighting regimen, but only after applying the acne gel.

The two most widely used ingredients to target blemishes are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The science behind these ingredients is as follows: Salicylic acid acts like an exfoliant to promote the removal of dead skin cells. It also helps keeps pores unclogged and reduces the buildup of P. acnes bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxygen-releasing ingredient that kills bacteria. P. acne bacteria flourish when there’s insufficient oxygen, like a clogged pore. By creating an oxygen-rich environment, benzoyl peroxide can help reduce the number of P. acnes bacteria that can cause lesions to form. The combination of these two ingredients attacks acne in multiple ways – to help clear up existing acne and help keep future acne at bay. These ingredients are both recognized by most U.S. dermatologists.

Consistency and patience are key to keeping your acne under control. Make sure to follow a good day and evening skincare regimen that targets your particular skin type. This should include a good cleanser, exfoliant, freshener/toner, and moisturizer if needed. Take good care of your skin because your skin is your protective barrier and takes good care of you.

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