Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

By Zisi Naimark

I recently had fun helping a friend furnish her Upper East Side rental, during the process of which we considered over 20 dining chairs. For my MO, I would rather work with someone who has good taste and a fair budget over someone with bad taste and a high budget, and this job was for someone with impeccably good taste. Now, the sad fact is that you can only fit so much furniture into your home, no matter how many lovely pieces are out there, and so from all our beautiful selections, only one would end up at her dining table. But there is no reason why this carefully selected montage should not be shared with a wider audience of low-ish budget, excellent-taste readers. All the chairs here are from Overstock, Joss & Main, and Sit Down New York.

Set of two Danish tapered chairs, $135

While this is called the Cora Slipper chair, it is actually a standard 18” high, not like your regular low slipper chair.

The Downkillybegs chair was rejected on the grounds that it looks like it originated in a doctor’s waiting room, and it was more expensive at $235.

The Hisey Arm Chair is a model of midcentury modern design, but it cannot pull in very close to a table.

Same for the Rubin Bend chair, which was $357…

…And the Amelia

The Kendell is a steal at $97, but ever so slightly flimsy looking.

The Darius is a particular favorite of mine, with the rose gold frame.

The Ivory Flokati is a fun take on the classic wishbone chair.

The Tonya and Jennie are identical except for the frame finish. These chairs work equally well in traditional and contemporary spaces.

The leather Lafayette is an incredible $88 for a set of two. It could easily pass for a Ralph Lauren Home piece.

Javier is comfy and casual.

The Standard chair is chic in a masculine way.

The magnificent Lenox is sturdier than it looks.

The Tulip chair options are affordable from Poly and Bark. I suspect the “Poly” part of the name comes from the primary materials used in the furniture.

The Jane is worth every one of the $400 you would spend, if you happen to have that much lying around.

Same for Anthropologie’s Grassland chair, at a similar price:

And while I adore the CB2 Simone chair, it’s a stretch at $500. Especially considering that the pink fabric will stain, and you will turn the color of the velvet.

All this constitutes less than half the chairs we reviewed. So, yes, you can take me literally – it was closer to 40 than 20.

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