Happy Furniture

Happy Furniture

By Zisi Naimark

The Forkola Bench from the Mondo Collection

Every once in a while, I come across a piece of furniture so beautiful and so interesting that it reminds me of the reasons why I chose to be an interior designer. There are man-made objects, meant to be used, that are so fantastical they put a smile on your face. They remind you that the world is full of art and artists, and very occasionally they get the recognition they deserve. Even more occasionally, you can own a tiny slice of their brilliance. These pieces are not always practical, often not even comfortable, and usually not the least bit affordable. But they exist, and that fact is somehow incredibly joyful.

Here, a very small and random sampling:

The Papilio chair from B&B Italia, which costs as much as a modest bar mitzvah.


Kelly Wearstler’s Huntley cabinet, which would get into a jealous feud with…

Boco do Lobo’s Soho sideboard
(CEO: What should we name our company?
Artisan: Something long and funky but with only one vowel!)
The Forkola Bench from the Mondo Collection
Is it Mondrian-inspired fine art? Lego-inspired junk? You are free to debate, but I’d buy JCCB’s chair in a second.
The River Stone coffee table, which would nest so well with…
…The very famous Vladimir Kagan sofa, which all creatures possessed of a soul are required to love.
Ralph Rucci’s Spine chair…
…I always wonder if it would be friends with Mondo’s Cervo chair…
… But not with Cervo’s friend the Fork chair.

Next week: All things acrylic.

Zisi Naimark holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The New York School of Interior Design and has been working for professional design firms since 2012.  She lives in Kew Gardens Hills, where she is tolerated by her husband and sons.  She can be reached at zisinaimark@icloud.com.



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