Less is often more! Did you ever look into the mirror and notice your complexion looking thick, cakey, or masklike? This often happens as a result of applying too much foundation or concealer, which is quite aging.

Whether your formula is matte or dewy, provides light or full coverage, there's definitely an art to good makeup application. This is often achieved from underneath the foundation by using the right skincare and properly preparing your canvas.

Using the proper foundation and concealer along with careful application is paramount to create a beautiful and natural look.  Be sure to use a shade that most closely matches your skin. Anything too light will make you appear pale and pasty, while too dark looks like you tried too hard to fake a tan. On the other hand, using a drying formula or applying too much of the right color will make your skin look thick and patchy instead of light and airy. When you have some imperfections you wish to hide, it is easy to pile on more product, which can often result in looking like a pancake. The following tips should help your foundation appear more natural.

Quick Fix For Too much Product:

If you overapplied foundation or concealer, use a few drops of facial oil and warm them up between your hands. Then, gently press against your skin to help lift and remove some of the excess product. The facial oil will help break up some of the product, since most foundations and concealers are oil-based anyhow.  The oil will leave behind a dewy sheen, which will result in a less cakey look. Be sure to gently pat the oil onto your face instead of rubbing. Your palms will also absorb some of the extra product.

To further blend the product to perfection. you can take a damp sponge and pat along the cakey areas. The tiny pores on the sponge will soak up the extra product and soften the harsh lines, while evening out the base. Finish off the look with translucent powder to mattify if dewy isn't your look. Be sure to roll the product onto the shiny areas. For a lighter application, you can use a fluffy brush instead, and sweep with light strokes. 

Everyone's life is hectic, and since time is of the essence, you need not wash off your face and start anew when your foundation looks messy. Instead, try the above tricks of the trade to lift off excess product and leave behind a soft and luminous glow.

Risselle Naimark is a Professional Freelance Makeup Artist and Skincare Consultant. She carries an extensive line of personalized skincare, cosmetics, and anti-aging products. Risselle is also available for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, makeup lessons, and all of your beauty needs. She can be reached at 718 263-5517.