ARI Seminar Leaves Lasting Impact On Local College Students

ARI Seminar Leaves Lasting Impact On Local College Students

The prestigious ARI Seminar hosted 17 collegians for four days of high-level Torah learning in New York City.  “ARI infuses Jewish scholarship with spirituality and purpose,” said the program’s co-founder, Rabbi Shaul Wertheimer.

Inspired by their work as Chabad emissaries for college students in Queens, Rabbi Shaul and Tzipah Wertheimer founded ARI Seminar in 2016. “ARI stands for Analyze, Reflect, Inspire. It’s not just about the learning and internalizing but also very much about the inspiring,” Tzipah explained.

“The ARI Seminar provided me with a challenging yet very fulfilling opportunity to access high level Torah learning,” said Racheli Weiss of Teaneck, who is studying design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “It’s something I’ve missed so very much,” she added, referring to her gap year in Israel.

Solomon Shapiro of Great Neck, a senior at Queens College, said that, “the teachers at the ARI Seminar were able to explain complex topics ranging from Gemara to Tanya to Quantum Mechanics.” Presenters included author and Ami Magazine columnist Rabbi Shais Taub, Boston University Chemistry professor Dr. Binyomin Abrams, and others.

“The ARI Seminar plays a critical role in the continuing education of students with a Jewish day school or yeshiva background. It was inspiring to observe these students dedicate a significant portion of their winter break to Jewish study,” said Rabbi Avi Weinstein, COO of Chabad on Campus International. The program was partially sponsored by Chabad On Campus International.

On spending part of his winter break at ARI, Shapiro reflected, “it was the most impactful Torah experience I have had in my life.”

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