Bais Yaakov Of Queens Early Childhood Center Visits City Health Urgent...

Bais Yaakov Of Queens Early Childhood Center Visits City Health Urgent Care Center

The children at the Bais Yaakov of Queens Early Childhood Center continue to explore their community. Pre-1A-S showed great interest in doctors and health. The young researchers had many questions to ask, including why doctors give flu shots and blood tests and what do doctors do with the blood after they take it. The children recognized that they needed a real expert to answer their questions and were thrilled to be invited to visit the local urgent care center, City Health Urgent Care.

Clipboards in hand, the Pre-1A children marched across the street, all ready to learn more about doctors and health. They explored the doctor’s office, the x-ray room, and the lab. They were thrilled to actually use some of the equipment, like the otoscope and the vitals machine. The doctors patiently answered their many questions and allowed the children to sketch and count the fascinating things found in the office. The children returned to the classroom, energized and ready to create their own doctor’s office in the dramatic play area.

We would like to thank the City Health Urgent Care Center for their hospitality and their participation in the education of our children. Your community-minded service is greatly appreciated.