Chabad On Campus Of Queens’ ARI Seminar

Chabad On Campus Of Queens’ ARI Seminar

ARI Seminar delivers college students high-level living through high-level learning, addressing the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Bringing together great, young minds from various campuses, ARI infuses Jewish scholarship with spirituality and purpose.

ARI stands for “Analyze, Reflect, Inspire,” and is an in-depth, four-day program in New York City geared for students with a strong interest in textual learning. ARI is under the auspices of Rabbi Shaul and Tzipah Wertheimer, Chabad on Campus of Queens, and is sponsored in part by Chabad On Campus International.

Rabbi Shaul Wertheimer, Chabad on Campus of Queens (L); Ellie Cohen, University of Rochester

Fourteen students from 11 universities attended the second annual ARI Seminar. “This is the learning I’ve been missing my entire life,” said Rena Farkas, a yeshivah high school graduate currently studying in Boston at Berklee College of Music.

Ellie Cohen’s favorite topic was learning the maamarAhavas Yisrael” with Rabbi Shais Taub. Originally from Flatbush and currently enrolled at the University of Rochester, he said, “this maamar helped [me] understand and apply [love of a fellow Jew] on a whole new level. Not only are we all responsible for each other, but we are all one greater being.”

(L-R) Hannah Schmeltzer, Parsons School of Design; Tzipah Wertheimer, Chabad on Campus of Queens; Rena Farkas, Berklee School of Music

Instructors included Professor Binayamin Abrams of Boston University, Rabbi Levi Kaplan of JLI, Mrs. Sarah Korn of Chabad House Bowery, Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld of Lincoln Square Synagogue, Mrs. Shifra Sharfstein of Chabad of Georgia Tech, Rabbi Shais Taub (founder of Conscious Contact, author, and Ami Magazine columnist), as well as Rabbi Shaul and Tzipah Wertheimer. The program was held at Chabad House Bowery in Lower Manhattan.

“It was a great program; I really enjoyed it,” said Leah Silinsky of the University of Maryland.