Chazaq Couples Event Inspires The Community

Chazaq Couples Event Inspires The Community

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 When thinking of an organization that tries to touch upon all aspects of Jewish life, one of the first that comes to mind is Chazaq.

Over the past decade, Chazaq has risen from being a community outreach organization (The “q” in Chazaq stands for Queens), to becoming an organization that has spread well beyond the Tri-State Area, with riveting lectures and programs for men and women of all ages.

“Our main focus continues to be our after-school programs for public school students,” says Chazaq operations manager Yaniv Meirov. “Our entire staff, board of directors, and rabbinical leaders are constantly looking for ways to inspire more and more of our Jewish youth, and we will keep working hard until we maximize our potential.”

“But we also look for new ways to inspire all segments of the community. We have a children’s division, women’s division, and even a division for senior citizens, among others,” says Meirov. “One division that we touch upon in private, but not so much in a public fashion, has been our married couples division. Our rabbis literally touch the lives of scores of couples on a weekly basis via group learning sessions and private counseling, so some of the couples pushed us to put together a couples’ event for the broader community.”

Indeed, Chazaq board members Mr. & Mrs. Boris Shamayev joined Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Abraham to organize a luxurious couples event at the Shiraz Restaurant in Great Neck. The event was sold out within two weeks, and unfortunately scores of couples were unable to join.

The evening featured couples from communities around New York who were treated to a lavish dinner along with words of inspiration by Chazaq Director Rabbi Ilan Meirov and special guest speakers Rabbi Benzion Klatzko and clinical psychologist Dr. Sara Barris.

The theme of the event was learning how to appreciate one’s spouse and improving on communication skills. The speakers shared fascinating personal stories to help bring their messages across, and from the look on everyone’s face, the messages were very well received.

“We have been going to Chazaq lectures for nearly three years,” said one couple. “Last summer, we heard about Chazaq’s after-school programs and our eldest daughter was immediately enrolled. Thank G-d, within two months, Chazaq placed her in yeshivah. Now, Chazaq is also helping us with our shalom bayit, too,” they said with a smile.

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