HALB Lev Chana’s Kindergarten Takes Trip To White Post Farm

HALB Lev Chana’s Kindergarten Takes Trip To White Post Farm

What a glorious Lag BaOmer day for the Kindergarten children of HALB Lev Chana! Children and moros alike had a blast at their annually scheduled spring trip to White Post Farm.

Sunny skies accompanied children, moros, and volunteer parents on our farm adventure as we hand-fed goats, alpaca, sheep, zebras, bulls, kangaroos, camels, and a baby giraffe. Seeing the animals up close gave us a unique opportunity to observe what the Torah tells us are the two signs of a kosher animal: splits hooves and chewing their cud.

Our children enjoyed a pony ride and walked on a bridge over a beautiful pond filled with fish and turtles – allowing an opportune moment to see up close the signs of a kosher fish: fins and scales. We ate our delicious picnic lunch in a shaded tented area and played in a vast playground full of massive wooden and plastic structures.

The children’s favorite part of our trip was the aviary. The large net-enclosed space, divided in half, housed, on one side, many varieties of birds flying freely, who landed on feeding sticks held by the children. Some even landed on our heads, arms, and legs. The parrots, on the other side, enchanted the Kindergartners as they drank a special nectar from cups held by them. The children were so brave and had an awesome time!