HANC High School Boys’ Retreat – Better Than Ever

HANC High School Boys’ Retreat – Better Than Ever

Achdus, good food, divrei Torah, and great fun over Shabbos – after a seven-year hiatus, the Boys’ Retreat was back and better than ever. Almost 100 students and ten of their rebbeim, faculty members, and their families joined together for a fantastic and invigorating experience.

The trip began with an awesome outing to Chelsea Piers in Stamford, Connecticut. From there, the boys headed to the Heritage Hotel in Southbury, Connecticut. Words cannot describe the energy that permeated Shabbos, as students enjoyed amazing food, powerful singing, Torah learning, a late-night oneg and tish, and meaningful bonding among all the participants.

The retreat culminated in a pizza melaveh malkah with a live-music chagigah, which could have gone on for hours. Students are already talking about Retreat 2020.

Thank you to Rabbi Daniel Mezei, Rabbi Yaakov Grun, Rabbi Aaron Friedler, and to the entire faculty who worked to make the retreat a huge success. Thank you to the HANC alumni who came as advisors and enhanced the retreat atmosphere.