Jamaica Estates’ Dr. Joseph Frager Leads Delegation To Israel To Celebrate...

Jamaica Estates’ Dr. Joseph Frager Leads Delegation To Israel To Celebrate Efrat Expansion

By Sergey Kadinsky

L-R: Charles Gucciardo, Lev Parnas, Anthony Scaramucci, Mike Huckabee, Robert Cavino, and Dr. Joe Frager at the King David Hotel

Among the leading pro-Israel activists in Queens, Dr. Joseph Frager logged thousands of miles on flights to Israel, providing tours to politicians, media personalities, and fellow activists, showing them facts on the ground. He was joined on last week’s trip by former Arkansas Governor and Fox News Channel host Mike Huckabee, financier Anthony Scaramucci, activist Ken Abramowitz, and Long Island congressional candidate Ameer Benno, who is running as a Republican against incumbent Kathleen Rice.

L-R: Yoel Lefkowitz, Igor Fruman, Ken Abramowitz, Dr. Joe Frager, Lev Parnas, Anthony Scaramucci, Yair Netanyahu, Ameer Benno, and David Perlotto at the home of Simon Falic

The group traveled across Israel with to see the recently-opened U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, Hebron, the Golan Heights overlooking Syria, and the Iron Dome facility that protects southern Israel from rockets.

The opposite of such a deathtrap is the new Tamar neighborhood in Efrat, the largest town in the Gush Etzion bloc. Last Wednesday, Frager and Huckabee stood behind the Trump-inspired banner to congratulate Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi on the long-awaited expansion. “If President Trump could be here today, he’d be a very happy man,” said Huckabee. “President Trump is naturally a builder and he would be proud to see what is going on here in Efrat.”

L-R: Charles Gucciardo, Tammy Friedman, Chana Falic, Amb. David Friedman, Mike Huckabee, Simon Falic, Dr. Joe Frager, Chanina Sperlin, and Nachman Mostofsky

Although the State Department regards the Israeli administration of Yehuda and Shomron as an “occupation,” its statements concerning the expansion of Jewish communities have been much less critical than under previous administrations. Huckabee added that the uptick in construction as a positive step towards peace. “The greatest path to peace is by empowering people via economic growth, and that is exactly what we are seeing. Every single day some 1,300 Palestinian workers come into this area to build homes and are given the means to provide for their families as a result.”

L-R: Nachman Mostofsky, Dr. Joe Frager, Anthony Scaramucci, Charles Gucciardo, and Lev Parnas at Kever Rochel

An ordained Southern Baptist minister, Huckabee first visited Israel in 1973 and has been back numerous times, visiting communities and watching them grow. At the Efrat brick-laying ceremony, the Trump theme also included red baseball caps with the “Built Israel Great Again” slogan. The branding was designed to attract the President’s attention. “The idea is that Judea and Samaria have to grow,” said Frager. “I think this catches his eye and his interest, and it could be helpful.”

By Sergey Kadinsky