Lancman Condemns Anti-Semitism Of BDS Movement At Brandeis Bar Association...

Lancman Condemns Anti-Semitism Of BDS Movement At Brandeis Bar Association Event

Lancman urges Jewish organizations and advocates to take a strong stand against BDS movement

At an event sponsored by the Brandeis Bar Association on Thursday evening, Council Member Rory I. Lancman, chair of the Courts & Legal Services Committee, delivered remarks to members of the Jewish legal community on the importance of combating the anti-semitism of the BDS movement against Israel and the Jewish people.

Lancman, who has been a longtime advocate against the BDS movement both in the State Assembly and in the City Council, underscored the direct threat the BDS movement poses to the state of Israel. Lancman made clear that it is critical for Jewish organizations and advocates, along with institutions that care deeply about the state of Israel, to work together to push back against efforts by the BDS movement to advance their anti-Semitic principles in the political arena.

“This is the challenge for us as Americans: To make sure that our political institutions are not corrupted with this idea that Israel is a colonizing state and BDS is a legitimate expression of opposition to Israeli policies,” Council Member Lancman said in his remarks. “All of us — in whatever our capacity as professionals and public officials — have to take a strong stance against BDS. It is truly a question of the survival of the Jewish state as a Jewish state, and for that there can be no room for compromise.”

In the City Council last year, Council Member Lancman proudly co-sponsored a resolution condemning “all efforts to delegitimize the state of Israel, and the global movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction the people of Israel.”

Following his remarks, Council Member Lancman participated in a panel discussion along with Judge Jeffrey A. Cohen, and Sgt. Benjamin Anthony on combating the BDS movement and actions Jewish Bar Associations can take to stop the rise of anti-Semitism.