Massive Crowd Of 250+ Enjoys An Inspiring Chanukah Party, Emet-Style

Massive Crowd Of 250+ Enjoys An Inspiring Chanukah Party, Emet-Style

On Sunday, December 9, the eighth night of Chanukah, Emet Outreach held a gala party for its students and alumni at the spacious Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills Simchah Hall. Over 250 guests attended what was described as an epic event, which included uplifting divrei Torah, the talented DJ Dice, valuable prizes, powerful dancing, and seemingly endless food.

Emet’s popular Program Director, Sara Basiratmand (aka Sara B.), worked tirelessly, planning and coordinating an unforgettable party with all the trimmings, including entertainment, a raffle, and beautiful, elegant decor. She also spent countless hours personally inviting students, which resulted in a huge turnout, far beyond what most people expected. Rabbi Reuven Kigel, Emet’s Campus Director, said, “This was the best Chanukah party we ever had. Baruch Hashem, there was amazing attendance from our current Fellowship students, Poland trip students, alumni, and people we have never seen before.”

Rabbi Kigel emceed, and Emet’s Cofounders Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg and Rabbi Mordechai Kraft addressed the crowd with uplifting divrei Torah. The menu of gourmet cuisine included sushi, Chinese food, potato latkes, and doughnuts. The party lasted until late into the evening, and one of the most memorable highlights was the dancing. The lively and crowded dance floor was full of energy and emotion. One Emet staff member said, “As far as the energy and spirit, this was one of the most powerful Emet events of the entire year.”

The party was filled with laughter and smiles, as students engaged in conversations with friends, rabbis, and staff members, to share a spiritually uplifting experience. The evening personified what has become a trademark of Emet’s approach to kiruv: blending a positive emotional atmosphere, amenities galore, and inspiring divrei Torah. Rabbi Rutenberg felt that the event far exceeded anyone’s expectations, and added, “What a nice party! A big kiddush Hashem.”