Mission From UJA-Federation Of New York, AFYA Foundation, And Greater New...

Mission From UJA-Federation Of New York, AFYA Foundation, And Greater New York Hospital Association Delivers Critical Aid To St. Thomas’ Jewish Community

L-R: Mark Medin, Rabbi Michael Feshbach, UJA donor Alisa Levin, Member of Hebrew congregation of St. Thomas

This week, UJA-Federation of New York Executive VP Mark D. Medin and AFYA Foundation Founder and Executive Director Danielle Butin loaded medical and humanitarian supplies aboard a private plane for St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. Working with their local partner, Chief Medical Officer of the US Virgin Islands Dr. Tai Hunte-Ceasar, the organizations delivered 1,000 tetanus vaccines, prescription medications, medical supplies, mosquito nets, and repellent to the Schneider Regional Medical Center in St. Thomas, which suffered badly from the storm. All of the medicines were donated by GNYHA.

The delegation also met with Rabbi Michael Feshbach of the Hebrew Congregation of St. Thomas to deliver humanitarian supplies to the island’s small Jewish community. Rabbi Feshbach explained that residents are still struggling to find food, water, soap, diapers, and basic medical supplies. The hospital requested supplies from AFYA, which worked with GNYHA to fulfill the request. The plane was provided by a private UJA philanthropist.

To date, UJA and its partners AFYA Foundation and GNYHA have sent 11 relief missions to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, hand-delivering $2 million worth of donated humanitarian supplies. These 30,000 pounds of supplies include basic hygiene necessities, insect repellents, and medications such as antibiotics, vaccines, oncology drugs, and insulin, along with bottled water.