Parshah Comes Alive At Bais Yaakov Of Queens Early Childhood Center

Parshah Comes Alive At Bais Yaakov Of Queens Early Childhood Center

The children at the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens Early Childhood Center learned about the beautiful brachah that Yaakov gave to his grandsons, “HaMal’ach HaGoeil.” They enjoyed turning out the lights in the classroom and pretending to go to sleep as they sang the familiar words. Each girl worked tirelessly to create a beautiful, unique sign with the words of the brachah, using hand-painted paper to punch out stars of all different sizes. Each girl’s project reflects her own unique abilities and ideas – no two looking exactly alike. The culmination was an enjoyable pajama party. The girls had so much fun wearing their pajamas in school – even the moros got into the act, wearing robes and crocs!

The children made a “bedtime snack” of s’mores and hot cocoa. Food preparation is a wonderful way to incorporate all of the curriculum areas in a hands-on way. First, the children thought about which ingredients they would need to create the delicious treats, and helped their morah sound out the words and write a list. Then each student applied her math skills, carefully counting out the chocolate chips and marshmallows to put into her own s’more. The morah then challenged the children to figure out how many were needed in all. The best part, of course, was eating them!

The children enjoyed a “bedtime story” called “All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep” by Crescent Dragonwagon. Story time was especially cozy while wearing pajamas. The girls had a wonderful time discussing the many animals in the book that start with different letters of the alphabet, especially unusual ones like a vole and a sloth.

As the children lay on their mats in the darkened classroom, they thought about all they had learned during this fun day at the BYQ Early Childhood Center. They hummed the tune of HaMal’ach HaGoeil and felt reassured that Hashem is watching over them always.