Real Estate Training And Mentoring Program Comes To Queens

Real Estate Training And Mentoring Program Comes To Queens

By Barry Ort

Shlomo Meirov, Mr. Danny Benedict, Benedict Realty Group, Mr. Sruly Rothstein, Madison Title; Yaakov Serle; Mr. Barry Ort, Madison Title; Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, Chazaq; Mr. Eliezer Shaffrin ESQ, Madison Title, Mr. Sruly Rosenbaum, Madison Title

While the field of real estate investment and management can be very lucrative and prosperous when approached with caution and understanding, without the proper education and guidance, it can be equally prone to pitfalls and failure.

To address the educational needs of the many in our community who are hoping to make real estate their path to success, PCS/Agudah created a real estate training and mentoring program. This course has been given numerous times over the past few years throughout the tri-state area to hundreds of students, with many successfully entering the field of real estate in various capacities.

Until now, the Queens area has not yet had the opportunity to partake in this important venture but last Thursday night, the ice was broken with an open house introducing the upcoming course to be held at the Yeshiva of Central Queens.

Mr. Sruli Rosenbaum, presenter, speaking with attendees

This important undertaking was underscored by the joining together of the QJCC, Emet, Chazaq, and the VHQ to bring the course to the local population.

Yaniv Meirov, Operations Director of Chazaq, attended the open house and commented: “Many people already involved in real estate, or who have the capability but haven’t yet taken the jump, are just missing the confidence that comes from learning the trade from the experts who have been there and done that. The best practices outlined by the course instructors and, more importantly, the stories of the challenges they faced on the path to their own successes, are invaluable lessons that cannot be found in the typical classroom. We can’t thank PCS and Madison enough for making this available to the many in our community who can use this to jumpstart, or move forward, their real estate careers.”

Aaron Spearman, Mr. Danny Benedict, and Mr. Sruly Rothstein

This eight-week course, powered by Madison Direct, the educational arm of Madison Title Company, covers all the major areas needed for a well-rounded understanding of the real estate cycle and its critical components. Culminating with a graduation dinner at the Madison NYC office, students are encouraged to build upon their newfound knowledge by continuing their relationships with the Real Estate professionals who graciously gave time from their hectic schedules to present the classes. The ability to tap into this wealth of practical experience and knowledge gives the motivation and, at the same time, creates the necessary guardrails, on the way to the students’ own success.

The course is slated to begin in January, and there are still a few, limited slots available. Anyone still interested in information about the course, or to sign up, should call 732-415-3341 or email

By Barry Ort