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Omar Apologizing For What Exactly?

Dear Editor:

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has a history of anti-Semitic utterances that emanate from her arguably anti-Semitic innards.

In her latest tussle with her inability to keep her anti-Semitic beliefs sequestered to her anti-Semitic circles (among them, renowned anti-Semites Linda Sarsour and Yousef Abdallah), she found herself once again channeling a malevolent historic anti-Semitic trope that Jews, unlike anyone else on the planet, bribe their way to world influence. In 2012, she disgorged from her inner being, via tweet, the trope that “evil” Jews magically influence/hypnotize the world (The Forward 2/11/19, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” tweeted then-nutrition educator and political neophyte Ilhan Omar (Arutz Sheva 11/14/18).

As a 37-year-old freshman Congresswoman with the above-noted anti-Semitic history, through which she apparently glided rather unscathed if not emboldened, this week’s sudden hailstorm of political rebuke by party bosses who can derail her political aspirations finds Americans considering her apology as potentially emanating anywhere on a spectrum from genuine fear to disingenuous survival mode to strategic taqiyya.

Her history thus noted, let’s underscore the anti-Semitic nature of her “Benjamin” equals AIPAC tirade.

The wondrous freedom and democracy of our beloved USA is nowhere more palpable than when one walks the halls of Congress to share concerns and needs with elected officials, officials who happen to be among the most powerful people on earth. Children, soldiers, teachers, manufacturers, farmers, persons seeking funding for cures, persons with ties to other nations advocating for their needs, all walk those hopeful halls. For Omar to single out Jews is an egregious bias. (It is exactly the same bias as her BDS promotion, which singles out only Israel among all the world’s over 200 nations with so-called disputed territories, including Iran, Turkey, the UAE, Sudan, France, Egypt, the UK). Where is Omar’s trope for organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) or the Iranian American Political Action Committee or the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee or the National Association of Arab Americans or the American Palestine Committee, to name but a few. AIPAC, the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, is not a lobbying organization. AIPAC informs and educates Members of Congress, the vast majority of whom deeply understand the shared goals and values and strategic imperatives the USA shares with Israel in a troubled world.

Howard Neiman, PhD


The following letter was sent to the Ambassador from Hungary:

To: Hungarian Ambassador to the US Katalin Bogyay

Recently, it came to my attention that the Hungarian government is fighting in court to disallow reparations to Jews who are still alive and were deported in 1944 to concentration camps (560,000 Hungarian Jews). This fight is going on in various courts in New York and Washington right now.

When Nazi Germany came into Hungary, your government was more than happy to hand over the Jews who were later murdered. My mother is almost 93, and she watched as her mother and four of her siblings were ushered to their murder in the gas chambers of Auschwitz. I never had the privilege to get to know my aunts and uncles because of the genocide your government was involved with. My mother’s five-year-old bother and six-year-old sister were ripped from their mother’s hands and murdered. I cry every time I think about how many aunts and uncles I never had the privilege of getting to know. The innocent little 13-year-old Abraham had his bar mitzvah in the cattle car that your government put him in. Little Abraham never made it past his bar mitzvah because of the actions of your government.

My father was a prisoner of war for 3½ years, digging ditches for Hungarian soldiers in the front lines – he was tortured and shot. My father’s family had 11 children and loving parents – only four children survived. I grew up only knowing one grandparent; I was robbed of the other precious and loving grandparents because of the hatred and genocide your government was complicit with. How dare you question the validity of the claims of the Jewish Hungarian survivors! It’s not about the money, but rather that your government is still not owning up to the fact that you had blood on your hands just as the German government had.

Growing up as a young man, I would be awakened at night hearing my father crying from nightmares; this is what I have lived with all my life: the images of my parents suffering with memories of their loved ones being taken away. My father received 40 lashes in public with a hard stick from a Hungarian soldier because he tried to escape. He had to count out loud, and if he missed a number they would start all over again – this is what “your” government did.

How dare your government challenge in court over and over again in an effort to delay things on purpose, knowing that the last of the Holocaust survivors only have a short life left and will no longer be around. I will never forget or forgive your government, and neither will my children and many generations to follow. Ambassador Bogyay, your government is now committing legal genocide and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for what you are doing in the courts of the US.

Hatred and anti-Semitism still exist today in Hungary. My good friend Dr. Able was in Hungary while touring Europe, and he sent two postcards from Budapest. One postcard went to family in Israel and the other went to California; both cards arrived with a Nazi Swastika. If this doesn’t tell you what still exists in Hungary, then nothing will.

Shame on you and your government.

Mr. Leslie Srolovits
Boynton Beach, Florida

Dear Editor:

In last week’s letter du jour criticizing good-friend-of-Israel President Trump, titled (half-correctly) “Good and Meshuga,” the writer opines that we should “stop getting carried away” with our hakaras ha’tov to Trump. She also quotes the lomdus of Spinoza, one of the greatest apikursim in the history of klal Yisrael.

Based on her comprehensive poll of three whole Israelis affirming to her that Trump “turned out to be the best for Israel,” is “good for Israel,” and “we like Trump,” with the caveat that he is “meshuga” and an expletive, she concludes: “Let’s stop getting carried away” in our hakaras ha’tov to Trump. Huh? Her poll actually confirms that we should get carried away in expressing our hakaras ha’tov (and should certainly not bash Trump) in light of how our brothers and sisters in Israel recognize what a friend of Israel Trump is.

Offering a final proof for “not getting carried away,” she opines “I’m sure no one is davening that their daughters will marry a guy like Trump.” Madam, the role of the President of the United States is to implement and enforce the laws written by Congress, appoint heads of federal agencies, act as Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, etc. – it is not to be the best bachur in Lakewood. Perhaps less time should be spent studying apikursim like Spinoza, and instead studying maaminim like Ramchal to master critical thinking.

I’ll keep it short this week, since I’m sure all the klal-minded Trump bashers who find time to write letters and columns expressing outrage at him will be flooding QJL with letters similarly outraged at the recent abhorrent anti-Semitic remarks of Representative Ilhan Omar (Trump didn’t mince words in bashing her anti-Semitism), and demanding that House Democratic leaders strip her of her committee appointments, especially that of the House Foreign Affairs Committee that is so critical to Israel.

Shmuel Gunsburg


The Red New Deal

The following is satirical.
Dear Editor:

After having murdered all the babies in the country that were deemed inconvenient by greedy progressive knuckleheads, the next agenda of the Democrat Party is their valiant and courageous fight against the weather and breathing, which 97 percent of scientists agree is the number one cause of increased carbon emissions in the atmosphere. To this end, Rep. Alexandria-Trotsky Cortez released an ambitious plan to realize these goals, called The Red New Deal, which according to many sources, was written by a fifth grader in Cortez’s former elementary school, which may be either in the Bronx or Westchester, depending on which day of the week it is.

So, what are the exact contents of the deal? Well, just to give you a delicious taste of socialism, mixed in with about ¾ of a cup of authoritarianism and about a hundred tablespoons of Marxism, the plan includes some of these obviously well-thought-out and brilliant proposals:

  1. Socialists play G-d and control the weather
  2. Establish a Democrat-controlled socialist dictatorship
  3. Abolish the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and private property
  4. Lifetime imprisonment or gulags for climate change deniers
  5. Go back to the Stone Age
  6. A 95% breathing tax
  7. Nuke the sun
  8. Ban gassy humans
  9. Ban gassy cows
  10. Free everything for everybody, including unicorns

After releasing the details of her psychopathic and unhinged plan to fight a problem that only exists in the minds of insane leftists, Cortez said in a statement to CNN, “I think my plan is definitely a step in the right direction in our brave fight against the weather. Especially the part about nuking the sun. Obviously, during the day we can’t get too close to the sun because it’s very hot, so of course we’ll have to nuke it at night instead.” Bernie Sanders, who owns three houses and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jet travel that emit more carbon dioxide in three minutes than the rest of us do during our entire lifetime, also came out as a staunch supporter of Cortez’s proposal, saying in a statement, “It’s something that our country can definitely afford. All we need to do is to keep the printing presses on until we run out of trees, the dollar is worth zero, and we all have to walk around with wagonloads of useless pieces of paper like they did in the good-old days of the Weimar Republic.”

Rafi Metz

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