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Your Say • Readers Write

Jewish Democrats, Listen Up!

Dear Editor:

I am responding to the article, “Public Avocado” by Rabbi Schonfeld, in the February 13 edition of the paper. The article highlighted something I’ve been trying to explain to Orthodox Jews who vote Democrat. I see them use the same talking points they get from the mainstream media where they respond to Trump supporters as if having voted for him automatically dismisses our views. Imagine if we did that to Obama fans. Anyhow, it’s not about Trump. The policies of the left are incompatible with our values.

It’s ironic that at the end of Rabbi Schonfeld’s article was an ad for a reproductive health place with a cute little baby in the ad. Contrast that to what “reproductive health” means to the left. It means murdering third-trimester babies. Do you guys even know how this is done? They inject the brain with a poison salt. A day or two later, the “mother” comes back and they go in with forceps and rip the child apart, limb from limb. Then they take inventory of the baby parts. Abby Johnson, an outspoken pro-life activist and former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic, recently reflected on this, saying how incredibly abnormal it is to be spending time inventorying body parts from an aborted baby.

The left always tries to make abortion a Christian issue, but let’s reflect on something for a minute. An innocent child who is third trimester and feels pain can be given the death penalty by its own mother, but society can’t do the same for serial murderers. People tell me that you can vote Democrat and be pro-life. No, you really can’t. Planned Parenthood and pro-baby murder PACs like Emily’s List were just successful in getting the laws changed in New York State because of the number of Democrats in our State Senate.

Eighty percent of the country is against third-trimester abortion. Yet, half of our country is voting for it, through voting for Democrats. Rabbi Schonfeld, as a rabbi, cannot legally get involved in politics, but I am not a rabbi. Anyone wishing to get involved, please contact me. The left always says, “Vote your values.” Murdering babies (transgender bathrooms, drag queen’s story hours, drag kids, corrupting the youth, big government, high taxes, excessive regulations, anti-Semitism) is (are) not my value(s), so I don’t vote Democrat.

On February 26, there is a special election for Public Advocate. Make sure you vote and vote for either Manny Alicandro or Eric Ulrich.


(Michaltastik is a politics and news junkie who has been blogging and YouTubing for a year and a half under the screen name, “Analytical Chick.” You can contact her at


Motorists Are Now Second-Class Citizens

 Dear Editor:

I am now retired and never look forward to driving into Manhattan. I also had envisioned living out my golden years in the city. However, due to the artificially-produced Vision Zero traffic snarls, I am looking for places to relocate where I can feel free to drive my car where pedestrians don’t walk in front of my car, against red lights because they know I’ll be at fault if they are struck. The mayor’s Vision Zero program has gone entirely out of control with respect to the rights and privileges of motorists.

Grace Akinboye


AOC’S Economics for Dummies (Satire)

 Dear Editor:

After the disastrous release of her Green New Deal in which she called for nuking the sun and banning cow flatulence, which was too embarrassing for even Karl Marx to handle, Alexandria Trotsky-Cortex has decided to clear the air up a little. This time, she’s determined to prove to us once and for all that she’s an unequivocal economic ignoramus by offering classes in the field of economics, which will reportedly cost you $50 a class. When asked by MSLSD talk-show host Chris Matthews how she can call herself a democratic-socialist and not offer her classes for free like everything else she’s offered, Ocasio-Cortex responded, saying, “Once you pay for the classes you no longer have to pay for the classes, which means at that point, the classes are free.”

In her economics class, which isn’t free but in which you’ll be learning that everything else is free, Trotsky-Cortex wanted to lay down some basic principles of economics to demonstrate her clear lack of erudition on the subject. Take a gander at some of these golden nuggets:

  1. On scarcity: “There’s no such thing as scarcity. We live in a world of infinity, where resources are unlimited and green pieces of paper magically rain down from the sky. Don’t let anyone – including reality – tell you otherwise.”
  2. On supply and demand: “Supply and Demand is the concept where, if I demand something, you should supply it – otherwise known as democratic-socialism.”
  3. On wealth redistribution: “Let me be very clear about wealth redistribution. If a private citizen steals from someone else to help a poor person, that’s obviously theft for which he should go straight to prison. But if the government steals from someone else to help a poor person, that’s called “charity” for which Congress and I deserve a pay raise.”
  4. On job creation: “I’ve thought of the best solution ever to reach 100-percent employment: Have half the nation dig holes, and the other half fill them up. It’s crazy no one has ever thought of this before except for me.”
  5. On inflation: “I don’t really see what the big deal is with inflation. So what if we keep on printing money and its value goes down? There’s an obvious solution to this – just print more money! Duh!”
  6. On government spending: “There’s virtually no limit to how much money the government can spend, because we can just keep on printing money until we run out of trees, and have to walk around with wagonloads of useless pieces of paper as they do in Venezuela.”

These are just a few samples of the incoherent ramblings of someone who thinks that socialism is democratic.

Rafi Metz


Reduce And Recycle

 Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to a Letter to the Editor from a few weeks ago. My apologies for not having the date of the letter nor the name of the writer available.

The writer described witnessing Sanitation Workers throw the writer’s carefully-collected compost out with the general trash during pick up. After seeing this more than once, the writer understandably concluded that further effort and expense on the writer’s part was unwarranted.

First, I want to praise the writer for making such a good and sustained effort, for buying compostable bags, and for sorting and taking out the compost. Composting is outside many people’s comfort zones, it is not easy to change habits, or to be an “early adapter,” and the writer really gave it a fair try.

That said, I’d like to encourage people reading this to perhaps come to a different conclusion. The challenge facing us is simply too great to allow ourselves the luxury of not acting until others do their part.

Might one solution be to call the Department of Sanitation to make a complaint? The department, which has invested a lot in this program, needs to know whether its employees are carrying out their responsibilities.

However, even if one doesn’t wish to call, there are still many, many ways of being part of the solution. A simple thing I do is carry a nylon bag or two in my purse at all times. In the past year I’ve saved hundreds, if not thousands, of plastic bags from being fed into the environment by this one small act alone. (The cashiers where I shop recognize me and automatically ask if I brought my own bags. They are extremely supportive and cooperative, and why wouldn’t they be? We are in this together.)

Other simple, easily do-able ideas could be:

Use frozen or powdered drink mixes in a re-usable container, rather than bottled juices and sodas. Or go a step further and squeeze a fresh lemon into water for fresh lemonade. Use refillable water cooler bottles or refillable seltzer bottles. Use paper rather than plastic cups. Use paper plates rather than plastic plates. Use paper tablecloths rather than plastic tablecloths. Use biodegradable flatware. There are soy, corn, and other organically-based products available. Take a leadership role in mobilizing your shul or school to tweak their plastic consumption. There is even a “Seal of Sustainability” for institutions to provide guidelines, resources, and yearly certification:

There are myriad many ways to re-use, reduce, and recycle. If our every meal or simchah puts bags and bags of plastic trash into our landfills and oceans, perhaps we need to reflect more deeply and take greater responsibility for our actions.

We are so lucky to not have to deal with our trash – we just put it on the curb and forget about it! Nonetheless, it’s still collected, transported, treated, and stored – all at great cost to us, to our planet, and to future generations. It is a dirty little secret that our “cheap choices” – all our inexpensive disposable products – are, in fact, extremely costly, both at the front and back ends of their very brief cycle of usefulness.

I believe that our use of the earth is a loan, both from Hashem and from our children and their children’s children. Let’s do our part to leave it better than when we found it, so that future generations, too, can enjoy the wondrous creations that Hashem called into being B’reishis (in the beginning).

I sincerely hope that this letter inspires readers to take action, however small, in being part of the solution to the environmental issues needing our attention.

With deep gratitude to the Queens Jewish Link for printing this, and to you for reading,

Reba Linker

(Reba Linker is a Certified Master Composter and the author of the children’s book The Compost Heroes: A (Mostly) True Fable for Modern Times.)


Dear Editor:

Some Valentine’s Day gift from Washington. First it was the Democrats who doubled our national debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion over eight years under President Obama. Now it is the Republicans under President Trump who have added $2 trillion more over the past two years.

Will we ever learn from past mistakes and attempt to reduce both borrowing and long-term debt, instead of allowing them to grow yearly? The new $22-trillion federal debt is only going to continue growing by $1 trillion per year. This inheritance could bankrupt future generations.

Uncle Sam needs to do a better job with an annual $4 trillion budget already available, rather than pick the pockets of taxpayers for even more. It is time for a return to passing annual fiscal year budgets on time by October 1, rather than a series of continuing resolutions to keep Washington open.

Return to pay-as-you-go budgeting means testing for all government assistance programs, real balanced budgets without smoke and mirrors. Stop hiding spending under so-called independent authorities whose budgets are offline with little or no oversight along with actual surpluses and down payments to reduce long-term debt for all levels of government.

Everything needs to be on the table, including the infamous “third rails” of American politics – Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security – along with military spending, agricultural subsidies, and corporate welfare bailouts. How ironic that after winning the Cold War against the evil empire of communism, it may be mismanagement of our economy that defeats us in the end.

Unless we change our ways, America is on the road to losing our status as the world’s Number One superpower. Just like mighty ancient Rome before the collapse, we are going down the path to become the world’s super debtor.

Larry Penner

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