Your Say • Readers Write

Your Say • Readers Write

Dear Editor:

I know that it’s a drop late, but I would like to point out a few things I noticed in the December 28 issue:

In the section, “A Look Back,” which begins on page 47:

PAGE 48: “Tri-State Area JCCs evacuated due to bomb threats”

  • I grant the token mention of Canada; the fact remains that the headline itself is misleading. It leads the reader to believe that this only happened in the Tri-State Area. There are other places with Jews in the world, and this happened all over.
  • The picture is from Miami Beach, evidenced by cars from the Miami Beach and Miami-Dade Police Departments. (They are very distinctive, especially to those who have spent time there.) It seems insensitive to the Jewish community at large to write a headline that exclusively mentions the Tri-State Area, then use a picture from Miami, yet make absolutely no mention of it. In fact, multiple bomb threats occurred in the greater Miami area in close succession.
  • This didn’t only happen to JCCs. Bomb threats were also called in to other places, including Yeshiva Toras Chaim in North Miami Beach, to which many people in Queens have close ties. (That is not where the picture in the paper is from; the picture is from Miami Beach.)

PAGE 52: “Israel, Trump administration announce plans to withdraw from UNESCO”

The exact words I find troublesome: “…due to the organization’s perceived anti-Israel bias.” It is clearly not just “perceived,” but a very real, well-documented bias.

Page 57:

I understand that there will be pictures of ladies in this paper. I am not protesting that. Far from it. What bothers me is that the types of pictures are not appropriate in that they are specially designed to attract people to look – and at full-body pictures of ladies. It would be equally inappropriate if those pictures were of men. The main point of tz’nius is not to draw attention, but these pictures intentionally do just that.

I don’t intend to sound offensive or angry about any of these issues, and if that is how this sounds, I apologize, and I hope that you can look past that and focus on the issues themselves instead of how they were presented.

Yerachmiel Berger

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to Goldy Krantz’s article in last week’s Queens Jewish Link. She writes about the ridiculous reasons people won’t go on second dates. One of the things she mentioned was that people can’t spell. In keeping with the theme of this week’s article, I’d like to point out a misuse of a particular word she used. She mentions that a person may spend a long time getting prepared for a date, and then a gust of wind messes up someone’s perfectly “quaffed” hair. I believe the word she was looking for was “coiffed.” You “quaff” a beverage, like beer.

This is the Google definition of quaff: drink (something, especially an alcoholic drink) heartily.

Just thought I’d mention it. Thank you for bearing with me.

Shlomo Miodownik

Dear Editor:

I really enjoy reading Caroline Schumsky’s “Hooked on Healing” column. Her articles are always insightful and make me think. Thank you for having the mental health and physical wellness section in your paper. Caroline’s topics and advice always hit home!

Rivka R.

Dear Editor:

Recently I went to the Minchah services at Yeshiva Kesser Torah in Kew Gardens Hills. On the way there and back I stumbled and fell at two crossings due to snow piles.

We can have volunteers, much like Hatzalah, clean these critical junctures together with the bus stops along Main Street.

Since there may be conflicts with the Sanitation Department union, we may also need fundraising to hire a stealth law firm on retainer to prevent harassment by the sanitation unions.

Having clear, safe intersections and bus stops will substantially improve the reputation of the neighborhood and all Jewish people.

Marvin Finkelstein

Dear Editor:

I was very distressed by the photos in last week’s Queens Jewish Link of rabbinical leaders and other prominent members of the Orthodox Jewish community attending the de Blasio inauguration that took place on January 1. The Mayor, along with other so-called “public officials,” is responsible for this country’s moral decline. Their public policies are contrary to Torah values.

As long as they know that by providing favors to the Orthodox community they can count on their support, they have no motivation to change their ways.

Alan Fenster



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