Your Say • Readers Write

Your Say • Readers Write

Dear Editor:

I was appalled to see one of the pictures you chose to post when reporting on the Celebrate Israel Parade. So many frum Zionists proudly marched with their shuls, schools, yeshivos, and families to show our solidarity with the State of Israel. Most of the pictures in the paper showed exactly that. It made me proud to have marched together with them.

The picture that did not, and does not, belong in a Jewish kosher paper is that of Dr. Ruth. She does not represent Torah Judaism. The caption itself left out her real title for the obvious reason that the picture should have been left out to begin with. Is Dr. Ruth a person of whom the Queens Jewish Link wants its readers to look up to? Does she represent Torah Zionism? True she served in the War of Independence. True she is a Holocaust survivor. But what has she done for the past 50+ years? How does the world know her? A woman who publicized private matters in a perverted way does not and should not be a highlight of Medinat Yisrael. She should not be one whom we want to display as a proud Jew.

Was there nobody else amongst the many thousands of marchers to show to your many readers? Will the QJL put pictures of the proud gay marchers next year? The only reason we, as frum Jews, need a kosher newspaper in the first place is in order not to be exposed to the disgusting articles, pictures, and hashkafah of the secular world newspapers. A kosher paper should be just that – kosher.

A proud Celebrate Israel Parade marcher,

Yaakov Klein

Editor’s Note: After we received this letter, we asked Rabbi Schonfeld about the offending picture, and he agreed that it should not have been included in last week’s paper.