I am still reeling from the revelations made by former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe that affirmed that there was an attempt to derail President Trump, after he rightfully won the election in 2016, and unlawfully remove him from office. Everyone must understand the seriousness of this caper. We are talking about deposing a sitting president for no appreciable reason other than the fact that some rogue government elitists in key US agencies didn’t like him and preferred Hillary Clinton. This was for all due purposes an attempted coup that had all the earmarks of what happens in a third-world banana republic – not in the United States of America. In those backward countries, it is usually the generalissimos who attempt the take over their country and arm-muscle the people for complete control. In our case, we are referring to key members of the intelligence community banding together to oust a sitting president from office. This gang of collaborators included Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, FBI agent Peter Strzok, FBI agent Lisa Page, and government attorney James Baker.

McCabe made these explosive claims during an interview on “60 Minutes” that was primarily scheduled for him to hawk a book. McCabe said he was alarmed by FBI Director James Comey’s firing in May 2017, and that he and other FBI officials shockingly immediately discussed whether to recruit Cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

FBI Director James Comey was not an innocent; he deserved to be fired for what he did before and after the 2016 election. McCabe stated that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had offered to wear a wire to the White House in order to collect evidence and get the goods on President Trump.

For intelligent people, they weren’t so smart. The 25th Amendment is to be used in case the president is incapacitated, either physically or mentally. It was only supposed to take effect if the president becomes disabled and cannot fulfill his duties; then the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet must confirm that fact for the process to begin. President Trump certainly did not qualify.

One must keep in mind that Andrew McCabe is certainly no saint. He was fired last year for lying to the FBI’s inspector general at least four times regarding serious questions relating to multiple abuses that occurred while he was in the position to deal with them. Knowing this history, it is fair to say that McCabe’s credibility is in doubt.

Furthermore, McCabe took part in spying on the Trump campaign through a secret warrant granted by the foreign intelligence surveillance (FISA) court. After Comey’s dismissal, McCabe put the Russian collusion idea into effect in order to directly investigate Trump to see if he was in cahoots with the Russians, being possibly a Manchurian candidate, to justify their getting rid of Trump.

The FBI is perfectly free to investigate collusion, but they are not supposed to overthrow a president, no matter how they feel about him. It is not within their purview.

According to Senator Lindsey Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, “There was a bureaucratic coup going on at the Department of Justice and the FBI against President Trump being discovered here. And somebody needs to look at it. Before the election, the people in question tried to taint the election, tip it to Clinton’s favor. After the election, they are trying to undermine the president.”

Senator Graham promised to find out who is lying and what happened in the days after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey. He intends to subpoena McCabe and Rosenstein to appear before the committee. Graham asserted that “no organization including the FBI is “beyond scrutiny.” If it happened, we need to clean it up and the FBI will come out stronger.”

What is unfortunate is that the American people and the media were too consumed with the antics of a two-bit actor from Chicago who pulled a hoax to gain publicity. Jussie Smollett is a jerk, and whatever happens to him, he deserves. But his case is not nearly as serious, dangerous, and possibly treasonous to our republic as the evil intentions of McCabe, Rosenstein, and others.

I personally think that heads need to roll. Some of these holier than thou elitists must be tried, be convicted, and go to jail. The intelligence community, consisting of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies, are too powerful and have far too little oversight. They are a threat to our democracy. The American people got off lucky this time. We have to make sure our luck doesn’t run out.

Cynthia Zalisky is the Executive Director of the Queens Jewish Community. She can be contacted at czalisky@qjcc.org