Statement Lighting

Statement Lighting

By Zisi Naimark

You get what you pay for” applies to about 10 percent of purchase-able things, in my experience. Ninety percent of high-end furniture, accessories, and clothing have mid-range, reasonable-quality replicas. The remaining 10 percent are spectacular, one-of-a-kind items. But aim too low, at bargain-basement prices, and you will have a junky item. Satin from Donghia (high end) is the same product as satin from Kravet (mid-range). People pay for the prestigious name. But buy satin from AliExpress at your own risk, my friends.

One area where this rule applies is statement lighting. You will have exceptional lighting pieces with exceptional price tags, and you will find replicas made in America and replicas made in China. While I usually aim to show truly affordable pieces, statement lighting at bargain pricing is suspect. So the selection here is what I would consider high-ish end, but worth every cent and not at an unreasonable risk (the way ordering factory direct is a risk).

The Thurston Sputnik is $336 from AllModern, and the statement made is worth it. Be sure to look at measurements before ordering! Most of these lights are massive.

From the same company, and for $227, comes this sleek, masculine beauty. Put it in a study, dining room, or bedroom.

The Trumpet Chandelier from France and Son is on sale for $2,000 – but the original from DeLightFULL is more than six times as much.

You can buy this wonderful monstrosity for $3,000 from Wayfair. The original Dale Chihuly would set you back enough to mortgage a home in KGH. DHgate online sells this style chandelier for around $800, but I have never ordered anything from there and cannot vouch for quality or honesty.

Buy the Yorkshire for $370 from Joss & Main…

… Or drop $2,621 on the Languedoc from RH Modern. (Though, I have to say I see the difference.)

And these glass pendants are $124 from the same place. Note that the wires are not perfectly straight.

This beaded beauty is $140 from Overstock, or $500 from Ro Sham Beaux:

Overstock will also send you this Andersen Wave Pendant for $130; their lighting collection is almost better than their furniture.

And what is that I hear you say? No crystals? You want to see a selection of beautiful and well-priced crystal chandeliers next week?

Not a chance. I have yet to see one that did not look frumpy. Please expect some well-priced sconces next week.

Zisi Naimark holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The New York School of Interior Design and has been working for professional design firms since 2012.  She lives in Kew Gardens Hills, where she is tolerated by her husband and sons.  She can be reached at