The Absence Of My Article

The Absence Of My Article

By Zisi Naimark

Not a photo of the author’s actual situation

The Absence Of My Article

Forgive me, my computer broke,

Molested by some little folk.

Those prodding fingers are to blame.

On Shabbos morning, boys, for shame!


Friday is the printing due date,

But who could blame me for being late?

“I’ll do it Motzaei Shabbos,” quoth I

Not knowing impending doom was nigh.


Those boys awoke with the rising sun

And before Shacharis started, the damage was done.

Now, you know that vatakam b’od layla

Is an experience-acquired ma’alah.


For as I drifted in a rosy haze of sleep

(Wait, are those *crumbs* I feel by my feet?!)

I smiled to the sounds of childish fun –

By the time I arose, the damage was done.


Tonight I turned it off, tonight I turned it on,

But the thing is immune to my grit and my charm,

And true to my sons’ style, it is well and truly done,

So tomorrow I’ll call Professor Shmuel Abramson.


Now I tap fingers on my smartphone screen

As the desktop emits its silent scream.

Its blank face accusatory, glowering, glum.

But as you well know, dear, the damage is done.

Zisi Naimark holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The New York School of Interior Design and has been working for professional design firms since 2012.  She lives in Kew Gardens Hills, where she is tolerated by her husband and sons.  She can be reached at