Yaakov Langer: What’s Your Favorite Mitzvah? Mayor Adams: Masbia

In the latest episode of “Inspiration for the Nation” podcast, where Yaakov Langer of Living L’chayim engages in a profound conversation with some of the most impactful individuals globally, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was interviewed. During the episode, Langer posed a question to the Mayor, asking about his favorite mitzvah. In a spontaneous response, Mayor Adams passionately highlighted Masbia as his favorite organization.

The Mayor emphasized his longstanding familiarity with Masbia and its commendable efforts in providing food assistance, not only within the Jewish community but also extending support to others in need. He recounted a significant event where Masbia stepped in to aid individuals affected by a fire on New Year’s Eve in East New York, demonstrating the organization’s dedication to serving the broader community.

Be part of this big kiddush Hashem and feed so many of your brothers and sisters for Purim. Visit www.Masbia.org/Purim.