Question: Should those non-kohanim who are standing to the sides of the kohanim move for Birkas Kohanim so that they are standing facing the kohanim?

Short Answer: Ideally, those who are on the sides of the kohanim should move to face the kohanim directly during Birkas Kohanim. But if they cannot, or if there is not sufficient room for the entire congregation to stand directly in front of the kohanim, they are still included in the brachah.

Talking During Birkas Kohanim

Question: May a kohen perform Birkas Kohanim where there are only nine other men in shul and some of the men are talking and not listening to Birkas Kohanim?

Short Answer: Yes, these disrespectful people who talk during Birkas Kohanim are included in Birkas Kohanim and thus Birkas Kohanim may be performed in such a situation.