YSZ is happy to announce two new additions to their YSZ Administrative Team. As the yeshivah continues to grow, both in numbers and in education, they have decided to support this growth with new exceptional members to their already strong team.

Firstly, Mrs. Ahuva Yelizarov has joined their team as the Director of Admissions.

Mrs. Yelizarov is a very active and well-known member of the Queens Jewish Bukharian Community. Together with her husband, Rabbi Emanuel Yelizarov, they founded Congregation Anshei Shalom of Forest Hills and have four beautiful children. Mrs. Yelizarov hosts bi-weekly ladies’ shiurim focused on strengthening emunah.

Prior to joining YSZ, Mrs. Yelizarov had a very successful career working in the New York State Senate, for-profit and non-profit sectors, supporting and advocating for individuals. YSZ looks forward to having Mrs. Yelizarov bring her know-how and personal touch to the yeshivah!

Next, YSZ is proud to announce that they have appointed Mrs. Tamara Bangiyev as the Mechanechet/Guidance Counselor of their Girls’ Middle School.

Since the development of each and every student in the yeshivah is of the utmost importance, and the YSZ student body continues to grow, YSZ needed to add an individual in their team to increase their capacity to focus on the individual student.

Mrs. Bangiyev has had an illustrious career as a Speech and Language Therapist, followed by a wildly successful stint as a teacher in the yeshivah. During her time at YSZ, many of their Middle School girls gravitated towards Mrs. Bangiyev, finding a role model of what a true bat Yisrael is and someone they can trust and confide in. Witnessing the interactions between Mrs. Bangiyev and the girls, YSZ knew that appointing her as the Mechanechet was the way to go!

Mrs. Bangiyev and her husband, Emanuel, are the proud parents of five beautiful children, four of whom are students in YSZ, and the fifth will join soon! As an active member of Ohel Simcha and the wider Queens Jewish Bukharian community, Mrs. Bangiyev arranges many shiurim for ladies in the community and is actively involved in bringing other women closer to Hashem.

YSZ looks forward to what the new school year has to offer!