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If you haven’t been following the insanity of the saga of Adele Andaloro, you are missing out on...

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If you haven’t been following the insanity of the saga of Adele Andaloro, you are missing out on what may be the most mind-boggling saga in New York right now, and if you own a home here and are not careful, her story can easily become yours.

Last week, the federal government took their most significant step in the history of the internet towards protecting children on social media. In a public forum, the Senate Judiciary Committee wailed against the CEOs of Meta, TikTok, X, and other social media giants about their unwillingness (at worst) or inability (at best) to do what is in their power to protect children from the terrors of social media.

Three weeks ago, President Biden suffered one of the most disastrous public relations days of any president in history. Special Counsel Robert Hur released a report explaining why charges for mishandling classified documents would not be brought against the President. The report noted that the 81-year’s memory was “hazy,” “faulty,” “poor,” and had “significant limitations.” The President was also unable to recall when his own son, Beau, tragically passed away. All in all, President Biden will not be charged with a crime because the special counsel did not believe that a jury would find Biden to be in his full mental capacity, and therefore, a conviction would be highly unlikely.

Being an English Language Arts (ELA) teacher in an Orthodox Jewish all-boys school isn’t exactly the easiest teaching gig in the world. I should know – I did it for two years. The difficulty stems from the idea that the main skill you must impart on your students is critical thinking, a skill the boys tend to hone throughout their Judaic studies curriculum starting in the fifth grade. However, some people were born for such a position.

If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, congratulations: You were part of history. At 123.4 million people tuning in, Super Bowl LVIII broke the record for the most-watched event in television history, and that would make you a Guinness World Record holder.

Last week, Jews everywhere rejoiced in the news that Claudine Gay, the President of Harvard, had been removed from her post. Gay’s troubles began when she could not categorically state that calling for the genocide of Jews in Harvard was against the school’s student code of conduct. While Harvard stood by her, this opened the floodgates for scrutiny, as her detractors went on a crusade to find the over 50 instances of plagiarism in her “scholarly” works. As the number of uncredited sources mounted, Harvard was no longer able to defend their president, and Gay was removed from her post. While her inability to denounce genocide was not the ultimate reason for her departure, it certainly opened the door to it.