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Turbulent pregnancies and infancy loss are more common than we realize. Families do not advertise miscarriages, nor do they share when they occur again and again. Families do not discuss difficulties conceiving or the emotional toll of the ordeal. The entire process of a loss is unfortunately still taboo. There are a handful of organizations that have sprouted to give comfort and guidance to these couples, but what you are about to read is one local family’s plight and pledge to keep unity in times of uncertainty. You will see how harmony in the face of hurt led to a dream realized for a cause of helping those who suffer in silence, building a legacy of healing and everlasting hope.

Touro Hosts Online Shiur Presented by HaRav Asher Weiss shlita

More than 600 medical professionals and medical students tuned in last month to hear a special Zoom shiur presented by HaGaon HaRav Asher Weiss shlita, focused on halachic guidance and inspiration for those on the frontlines during COVID-19. HaRav Weiss is the inaugural recipient of the Rabbi Raphael Zalman HaKohen Levine Distinguished Talmudic Scholar Award, presented by Touro and generously endowed by Mr. Joel Margolis of Albany.

Dynamic, Daily Learning for Men

Animated and excited chavrusa learning with their partners, and in small groups, are a welcome sight at the new Emet Olami Beit Midrash. Sunday through Thursday mornings at Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue in Forest Hills, this uplifting program marks Emet’s latest effort to bring meaningful Torah study to their students.

The Bukharian Jewish Congregation of Briarwood, housed below the Young Israel of Briarwood, organized a series of siyumim paying tribute to the life of community founder and rav of the Young Israel, Rabbi Mendel Kaufman zt”l. The program on Monday evening, February 15, coincided with the rav’s first yahrzeit and was a most appropriate way to remember a man who embraced the Briarwood k’hilah and towered over its budding blossoms.