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Congresswoman Grace Meng, Senator Toby Ann Stavisky, Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, and Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz released the following statement after the NYPD 112th Precinct reported that a car’s tires had been punctured by an unknown object, with the hood of the vehicle defaced with the carving of a swastika over the weekend of July 3 in Forest Hills. The crime is being investigated by the NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force.

Great Neck volunteer organization assists families in difficult times

Fountain of Kindness is a remarkable initiative, fostered in the Great Neck Jewish community with the goal of spreading kindheartedness and encouraging others to follow suit. The diverse group of over 500 active volunteers and supporters provide gift baskets for hospitalized children and their siblings, supplies meals to hospitalized patients and their families, and fulfills the wishes of sick children. Through word of mouth, Fountain of Kindness has assisted families during difficult times.

The popular saying, “There is no time like the present,” has never been more apropos than right now. At a time when work and personal schedules have shifted, there is an opportunity to extend ourselves in ways that matter. Enter Emet Outreach’s TorahConnect, the chavrusa-based learning initiative for the Queens community. The program debuted back in November and was designed as a forum where Emet students of varying Jewish backgrounds were paired with members of the community to connect, share Torah thoughts, and elevate their learning. The first months of the in-person learning initiative were met with eagerness and enthusiasm. Women’s weekly learning sessions were held in YCQ, and were soon followed by men’s beis midrash-style learning at Beth Gavriel Bukharian Jewish Center. The goal was to expand on these chavrusa relationships and encourage deeper involvement in each other’s lives. Everything was proceeding as planned, and then plans changed with COVID-19.

Chances are, if you ask a dentist over age 65, he may tell you, “I remember when we didn’t even wear gloves.” Will we be telling our grandchildren that we remember when we didn’t have to wear masks to shul? I hope not. But for now, we in Jamaica Estates will take comfort in the baby steps that are allowing us to return to some form of “normal.”