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As we approach the Yamim Noraim, we increase our introspection and try to broaden our activities on behalf of the klal. Faced with a worldwide pandemic, we have myriad causes to support that have been negatively impacted during the past seven months. Included in the top causes for the Jewish community is the welfare of our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael. Our community has come through admirably for acheinu in Israel during the wars and intifadas that have beset them. One of the organizations that has promoted this support is ACHI, American Communities Helping Israel. Founded 15 years ago by Suzanne Weilgus, ACHI now consists of a team of five former high school friends currently living in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Florida and Israel.

Responding to the historic peace agreement normalizing economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo brokered by the United States, which incorporated Kosovo’s normalization of relations with Israel, and Serbia moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem into the agreement, Rabbi Pesach Lerner, President of the Coalition for Jewish Values, issued the following statement:

September begins the seventh month of the COVID-19 emergency food relief at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. It will also be the beginning of a concerted effort to modernize the breadline. Due to the unprecedented 500% increase in demand since the start of the pandemic, the breadlines have been snaking around the block with hundreds of people on the lines at each of the Masbia locations. Moving to an appointment system is a way to give people back their dignity, safety, and their time, since they won’t have to wait for hours on the line.

Virtual Program Brings Together Participants From 15 States
And Two Canadian Provinces

Over 2,600 men and women from 15 states and two Canadian provinces are participating in the Orthodox Union (OU)’s SPIRIT program during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Stimulating Program Initiative for Retirees that Inspires Thought” (SPIRIT) has played a vital role for those over 60 who have been staying home during the pandemic due to the increased risk they face.