Friends: My prior reminders that “We are all in this together” never rang more true than now. During my hiatus, it is not only I who have changed, seems the world jumped aboard. Around Purim time the “Upside-down” status intensified. Now we find ourselves heading towards Pesach, our holiday of liberation with more restrictions in our lives than ever.  I am astounded by the timing of Coronavirus.

Friends: I have missed you all. Thank you so much for your loyal support and connection. I have been involved in projects and needed a break. A trainer taught me that rest in between sets – intervals - is part of progress. I have made much progress in many areas of my life gratefully and I have also taken a few steps backwards. I learned to accept “relapse is part of recovery.” Resisting or forcing anything is ineffective. I was controlled, hushed, and rushed most of my life.  Those days are over, thankfully!

As we count up towards Shavuos, I am increasingly aware of time going by – time I aim to use productively. Counting up as opposed to down allowed me to be present in the process, growing each day, and not focused on an end goal/date/next. It is a lesson for life, friends, since this day is all we’ve got. I changed again over Pesach and put goals in place with a plan; goals that involve other people are not within our control. Self-actualization is. I promised new beginnings. No more rinse and repeat. I am determinedly taking massive action on things put off prior, in order to know that I can count on myself. Boundaries are so important for someone like me, who tends to put others first and become distracted. I am learning. I have been blessed with the ability to transform constantly. The many diverse wonderful people who seek me out keep me on my toes. The accountability is important. Working on a singular focus is not natural for me. So I go out of my comfort zone, willingly and repeatedly. Real growth is never easy. We invest our time, our heart, and our money in what matters most. Therapies, treatments, potions, self-care, exercise facilities, coaches are not cheap or easy, but well worth it.

I don’t do almost. Almost people are the ones who repeatedly miss the boat. From a song: I’ll sing you a song that you feel. A wise colleague pinned me in a moment. He told me, “You give people significance, make them feel important, so they can imagine hope.” Hmmm. Well, it’s real. From an ad: What comes from the soul you can’t fake, can’t practice, it just is.

I read some amazing books recently: Hold Me Tight (EFT therapy for couples) and a couple of John Gottman’s books. They changed me, as did The 5 Love Languages. I have and continue to work so hard on myself in order to be the best life partner I can be when I am blessed to stand under a second chupah.

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