On Sunday evening, November 17, there was a standing-room-only crowd of women at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel who came to hear Mrs. Dina Hurwitz share her inspiring story. With warmth and tears, Mrs. Hurwitz showed all of us how to face an extremely difficult challenge with love and hope and even joy. It was humbling and at the same time she gave each member of the audience the gift of hope.

On Tuesday evening, November 12, community members gathered at Congregation Bais Dovid (Rabbi Rubin’s shul) in Kew Gardens Hills, to hear a thought-provoking shiur from Rabbi Aharon Pessin, well-known speaker, author, and magid shiur who lives in Israel. The shiur was hosted by the renowned Chazaq organization. Rabbi Pessin spoke about cloning of humans and animals and the halachic ramifications and questions this involves. He focused on deep, important ideas that we can learn from studying this issue.