On Monday evening, April 27, Emet hosted an informative, inspiring, live-stream shiur by Rebbetzin Devorah Kigel attended by over 100 women. She shared practical hands-on ideas to help couples with shalom bayis while in quarantine. She called it practical tips for surviving and thriving. She began by stating that “the best way to deal with this challenge is to really live in the moment as much as possible.”

On Sunday, April 19, Agudath Israel of America and United Task Force hosted an uplifting and informative live-stream lecture with Dr. David Pelcovitz. Dr. Pelcovitz began with ideas about general anxiety. He noted how right now we are dealing with an invisible force. First, you have to say to yourself that feeling anxious is a totally normal reaction to an abnormal event. This fear is my body doing its job. “Be kind to yourself,” he emphasized. The normal reaction in this situation is to go into a “fight or flight” response. The key is to be compassionate to yourself. “Create a space in yourself for fear, and remember that we are not defined by this fear.”