On Wednesday evening, May 12, Shevach High School’s beloved principal, Rebbetzin Rochelle Hirtz, delivered a very thought-provoking and meaningful shiur to its alumnae via Zoom. Organized by Shevach alumna Menucha Avruch, Rebbetzin Hirtz began her talk by quoting the Gemara in B’rachos that the name of a person provides us with a glimpse into a person’s character and future accomplishments.

What was it about Rus’ essence that merited her the title of “Eim HaM’luchah” – the Mother of Royalty?  Chazal answer that the root of the name Rus is from the Hebrew word “r’eviyah” – to satiate.  Rus was the fountain from which her descendant, David HaMelech drew his inspiration to compose Sefer T’hilim that sated HaKadosh Baruch Hu with praise.  From the unlikely and impure Moabite origins, Rus instilled the character traits of pride and confidence in her descendants: character traits that would stand a king in good stead to lead klal Yisrael to spiritual heights of k’dushah.

Rebbetzin Hirtz then connected the idea of our being chosen as a goy kadosh u’mamleches kohanim to the Yom Tov of Shavuos.  She encouraged the girls to carry their title as b’nos m’lachim with dignity and self-respect.

The alumnae were grateful for the chance to learn with their principal.  This opportunity demonstrated that the girls continue to enjoy their Shevach experience for many years, even after they leave its warm, nurturing environment.