Eyes are the windows of your soul and one of the most noticeable features.  Although women want their eyes to look youthful and big, nature does not always cooperate. Enhancing small eyes requires the right techniques, in order to create an illusion of larger and more open eyes. The following tips will help your eyes pop. 

Whether you’re a beginner or adept at applying your makeup, there are always tips to simplify makeup and serve as a quick fix for mistakes. You can incorporate some of the following to your routine. 

Elegant evening makeup can often be time-consuming and daunting! If you’d like to experiment with a bit of sparkle without looking excessive, the following tips can help you achieve that beautiful and radiant look. 

Although last week’s weather has been beautiful and warmer than usual, fall has arrived, along with some warm and exciting makeup looks. Bold beauty is definitely back! Therefore, trying out some new trends is the best way to spice up your latest fall fashions. From the classic smoky eyes to vibrant shades, the following ten makeup trends for Fall 2022 are anything but boring.