Eyes are known to be the windows of the soul, and usually the first noticeable feature on a person’s face. Big eyes can make your face look brighter, more awake, and detract from your facial flaws. The following simple tips can help you achieve that look.

It’s cold outside, and time to pull out the cozy knits, gather around the fireplace, or up the thermostat on those chilly evenings when the temperature plunges. For those with eczema, winter ushers in a season of drier and more sensitive skin.  Lower humidity coupled with chilling winds and indoor heating systems can wreak havoc on your skin by diminishing its moisture levels. The following tips can help calm your skin during the winter woes. 

Nude lipstick can be paired with anything from a smoky eye to a most casual look achieved with a swipe of liner, blush, and mascara. The main thing is to find a lipstick that flatters your complexion. This will create chic, effortless magic and instant gratification.  The trick is to find the nude shade that’s slightly darker than your skin tone, yet works in a complementary fashion.  When a lipstick color is too light, it can make you look sickly and pale. When lipstick is too dark, it no longer looks natural. Therefore, pay attention to your skin’s undertones in order to find the right match.

If you’re intent on preserving your youthful face, you’ve probably heard of retinol. This ingredient has been credited for targeting wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Retinol is actually a derivative of Vitamin A, which helps renew skin cells, thus providing anti-aging benefits. 

Although smoky eyes have always captured attention, they often made a strong statement. This season’s smoky eye has evolved into a softer and more wearable option. The way that the matte, satin, and shimmery shades blend together can certainly be a work of art.  Here’s a simplified way to take this eye makeup look one notch up.  Instead of opting for the usual charcoal shades, the updated version stars metallic shades like gold, silver, and copper, which illuminate and transform the eye instantly.