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Recently, a new trend has been occurring on social media, pushed forward by the Millennial left for the purpose of shutting up their grandparents’ generation. The response of “OK Boomer” as a dismissive reaction to the thoughts and comments of anyone who espouses conservative ideology has become so pervasive that it was even used by a young member of the New Zealand Parliament during a floor speech. The irony, however, is that the Millennials who think so poorly of those who came before them are poised to repeat, nay, expand on Baby Boomers’ greatest mistakes.

Last week, a strong correlation occurred between two events on different sides of the world. The first was the appearance of major Democratic Party presidential contenders Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg at J Street’s annual conference, where they promised in some degree or another to radically shift American policy towards Israel. The second is the renewed rocket fire from Hamas terrorists in Gaza, who lay dormant for nearly a month.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and the eighth richest person in the world, was brought before Congress so he can be raked over the coals for his company’s most recent policies. Ostensibly a hearing about Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency, the inquiry quickly devolved into attacks on Facebook’s unwillingness to go along with the Democrats’ plan to regulate speech and prevent voters from hearing from all candidates.

On Tuesday, we will once again have the opportunity and the responsibility of electing the people who represent us and to vote on several ballot issues. The winners of Tuesday’s election will make important decisions that will impact on our community for many years to come. The only way in which our voices will be heard is if we come out to vote. The most important position up for election is Queens District Attorney. We will have the chance to elect someone who has consistently been there for us, Melinda Katz.