Colors: Cyan Color

Last week, the Democratic National Convention had the opportunity to showcase the best they have to offer so Americans would choose to vote for them this coming November. Instead, what the waning audience was treated to was hatred, divisiveness, darkness, paranoia, and conspiracy theories.

The 2020 Presidential election is less than a hundred days away, but coverage of the race has become close to non-existent because of coronavirus. Luckily for the Democratic Party, Joe Biden doesn’t need to run a campaign, because the media is doing all the work for him. COVID-19 is the perfect excuse for the former Vice President.

Last week, Joe Biden picked who is running in his stead against Donald Trump, and it’s the radical leftist Senator from California Kamala Harris. Yes, the same Kamala Harris who insinuated that Biden was a racist, and said she believed his sexual assault victim is now the successor to the man who called himself a “transition” candidate and who the majority of voters don’t think will make it through his first term.

One issue that has come up for discussion in recent times is the public realm vs. the private realm. Most people go along with the idea that the public realm is the important one, and either dismiss or pay lip service to the private realm. But does Torah Judaism allow us to do that? No.