Colors: Cyan Color

It has become fashionable among many of us to poke fun at Pesach getaways. Of course, the outer space Seder is non-gebrokts; all the food is powder. The Disney Seder includes costumed actors depicting Mickey and Goofy. Snorkel in the coral reefs to find the afikoman. How does one hide the Pesach getaway from the scholarship committee?

Bringing Messages of Awareness and Education

It was on a recent visit to Denver that A TIME founder and director of member services Brany Rosen found herself approached in a span of just 20 minutes by six women who wanted to show her pictures of their babies, all born with the organization’s assistance. Despite having had similar experiences in various cities, Rosen found herself elated to see A TIME’s efforts bearing fruit nationwide, bringing the ultimate joy to couples who struggled with infertility. As she shared the heartwarming story of the six local A TIME babies with a group of teachers just before speaking at a school the next day, a teacher who was clearly in the later stages of her pregnancy smiled at her and said, “Please count me as your seventh.”

Some of the Democratic candidates are accepting reparations for black slavery as a plank on their platform. The idea was written about extensively in an Atlantic article by Ta-Nehisi Coates in 2014, saying that it’s time that America apologized for 250 years of black enslavement and 90 years of Jim Crow and discrimination thereafter – presumably even until the present. U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas introduced a bill in January of this years called HR40 to study the effects of slavery and the subsequent oppression of blacks on the wealth gap between whites and blacks: how and in what amounts reparations would compensate the descendants of slaves and financial oppression.

When “Sleaze” Is Misdirected

Dear Editor:

Just when I thought the author of the Queens Jewish Link’s “For What It’s Worth” column (not the paper it’s written in) couldn’t get any lower on the ingrate scale, he’s amazed me by breaking new barriers in the realm of k’fui tov. In the same week that President Trump issued his historic declaration recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, emphasizing its strategic importance to the security of the Jews (and Muslims) in Israel, said columnist – an Orthodox Jew who should place the security of Israel and its millions of Jews as a major priority as in the heartfelt cry of Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi’s “Libi baMizrach” – instead denigrates, yet again, the President of the United States and best friend Israel ever had in the Oval Office, disrespectfully referring to the President as a “sleaze” (a term usually reserved for ambulance chasers).

The annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference occurred this week. An event that is normally a bipartisan ground for high-ranking politicians and Presidential hopefuls from both parties to deliver remarks about the strong US-Israel alliance is now under increased scrutiny by the growing base of the socialist and intersectional left. Democrats with an eye on the Oval Office in 2020 are now catering to that base, and are increasingly at odds with their colleagues in Congress. This is causing a rift within the Democratic Party, whose support of Israel going forward is in doubt.