Colors: Cyan Color

With a week to go before Russia stages its May 9 pageant of military hardware and the loudest hurrah on Red Square, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dropped a verbal bombshell in an interview with an Italian news show. He was defending Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a “denazification.”

Well, they realized that it’s in their better business interest to go along with [insert Leftist cause here].  They don’t really believe this; they are just making money.  What’s the big deal?”  

In a shocking revelation on Monday night, a leaker from inside the Supreme Court, likely a law clerk, sent a 98-page draft opinion to Politico.  This marks the first time in the Court’s 233-year and over 25,000-opinion history that a draft has been leaked.  The contents?  The highest court in the land is planning to overturn the landmark and controversial 1973 decision Roe v. Wade.

As we approach Yom HaShoah, I want to write not about the Holocaust, but about memory.

What is memory? How do we preserve memory? How can we, who learned of the Holocaust from the people who lived through it, make the memory important for our children and grandchildren for generations to come?

As Pesach approaches, the story of the Exodus from Egypt will be told and retold many times.  The rich history of Moshe coming back to his people and, as G-d’s emissary, freeing them from bondage.  The Jews cried out for a savior for centuries before Moshe arrived, and when he did, they were freed.