HAFTR Middle School’s sixth and eighth grade girls begin their Chumash class every day by putting money in our specially made “Thank You, Hashem” tz’dakah box. As each girl puts in her tz’dakah, she states what she is “thanking Hashem for today.”

These special girls have collected over $600 in the sixth grade and over $500 in the eighth grade in just three months!

The sixth graders paid for materials and the packed Chanukah Bags to be given out at the Kadima Chanukah Drive-By party. The Kadima program for single Jewish parents has been a vital initiative at the Marion and Aaron Gural JCC for over six years, compassionately assisting more than 340 single parents and their families with a wide range of support and services.

The eighth grade girls presented their money in a large check to Chai Lifeline.

The girls have become very mindful of the need to appreciate everything they have and are practicing showing hakaras ha’tov for all that they have – both big and small – in their everyday lives. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what they do with the next monies they collect!