We were recently introduced to Riva Borbely (@jmlyricsdoctor), who shared important insights and tips regarding song lyrics. To take us further behind the scenes as to how some of the connections, relationships, and collaborations are made, Riva was kind enough to share some of the backgrounds to her song contributions and affiliations: how the song came about, who reached out to who, what involvement or input she had once the song is being worked on by the singer, etc.

“The world is a songwriter’s farm,” I once heard someone say. When searching for song concepts and all the eloquent and vivid descriptions it may entail, sometimes you don’t have to look too far.  There are singers and songwriters who even sit in coffee shops and discreetly listen to conversations while jotting down certain phrases. They’re listening for: 1) what people are experiencing, 2) how people are describing it. They’re looking to utilize the underrated power of everyday language.

Many of the big Jewish Music (JM) releases from the ‘80s and ‘90s featured songs composed by Yossi Green. Yossi dominated mainstream JM in that era as a composer (and occasionally had other roles, as well), making an immense impact on dozens of projects. Many of the most legendary albums that helped catapult singers’ careers were replete with Yossi’s contributions.