The only public school district on Long Island where voters rejected the proposed budget in May had its revote on Tuesday. Residents of West Hempstead cast their ballots on how much in taxes they will be paying in property taxes to support their public school district. Outside the West Hempstead Middle School, the scene was less tense than last time, when the proposed tax increase was 2.14 percent. This time it was 1.5 percent, following a series of newsletters, a public presentation, and pleas from public school parents. The proposed hike is lower than the average for a Nassau County district.

With the growth of frum families in West Hempstead, the evening kollel has been picking up in attendance. It is the venue where working men can hear a speaker discuss a halachic matter before a chaburah, and then the participants break up into pairs to tackle the topic at hand, the Daf Yomi, or other subjects on their minds.

This month will mark my eighth year of marriage, and as most of my friends are married with families of their own, it is easy to forget about the difficulties, frustrations, and questions relating to dating. I was curious to hear if things have changed in frum dating and matchmaking since I’ve left that chapter of my life. This past Monday, the Young Israel of West Hempstead and YU Connects hosted three panelists who spoke about dating and matchmaking, with questions submitted by parents, singles, and individuals seeking to help, but not knowing how to do it.