When Allen Fagin assumed the role of Executive Vice President of the Orthodox Union more than six years ago, he considered it a temporary assignment, 18 months at most, following his retirement from 40 years of practicing law. But he stayed on as the organization expanded its programs amid challenges relating to the cost of living, anti-Semitism, and assimilation.

Rep. Grace Meng, the establishment Democrat running for her fifth term, endorsed her freshman colleague Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in her reelection bid for the district covering western Queens and eastern Bronx. “One of the first town halls we held in relation to the coronavirus in Queens – she and I set that town hall up with all our relevant hospitals. And that was way in the beginning,” Meng said in an interview on City Watch, a news show on the leftist radio station WBAI. “She’s been on most if not all of the calls we’ve had. We’ve had a lot of New York delegation calls.”

The silence of this past Monday night in Kew Gardens Hills seemed like an ideal opportunity for burglars to make their way through the neighborhood in search of loot. The homes on 73rd Avenue near 147th Street seemed particularly affluent, with only a short wall or fence separating the sidewalk from the private property. “They started behind the property trying to break into homes and then ended on my property. I heard noise in my yard and my wife saw suspicious guys on camera,” homeowner Ari Fozailow said. The footage records the trespassing shortly after 1 a.m. “She yelled to me that someone is in our yard. I pulled out my gun and you can see the rest on video.”