Every year, I write an article about the Ig Nobel Prizes – a real, live ceremony wherein mostly scientists receive awards for studies that sound silly, but actually have awesome applications for real life, if the scientists will someday figure out what those are.

A while back, I wrote an article about having teenagers in your house (I advised against).  But you can’t help it.  They keep getting in.  They started off as these cute, little, helpless creatures who napped at random times of the day and got fussy for reasons they did not share with you and made huge, explained messes without warning, and you let them live with you, but now they’re big, helpless creatures who nap at random times of the day and get fussy for reasons they don’t share with you and make huge, explained messes without warning.  And they know where you hide your spare key. 

I enjoy complaining about Daylight Saving Time as much as the next guy, but this new law that the government is trying to pass is not the way to deal with it.  Complaining about is the way to deal with it.  Like our fathers and their fathers before them, all the way back to sometime after they had real things to complain about.