Ah, those cool words everyone seems to magically start using simultaneously. New words do pop up all the time. Sometimes they stay in the group where they originated, like a musical subculture; but then others manage to find their way into the “gen pop” – you know… the general population. So how is your vocabulary?

Oh, you just want everyone to be happy, sunny, and bright. And you will do whatever they ask of you to make sure that there’s a happy ending – for everyone but you. They must never think you’re selfish or thoughtless. Never. Yes, I know what it’s like to need to be needed, but do you always say “Yes” to doing that favor, even though it may be unreasonable, not to mention that you truly do not want to do it?

It’s the end of the day. You have a bunch of things to talk about, but no one to really talk to? Getting cute “good night” texts from no one. Sigh. They say: “You find love in every corner,” so you’re convinced that your life is a circle.

Would you agree that there is something that transcends your mind and is connected to your spirit? Indeed, we sense some kind of energy that we often call our soul or essence. Could it be our “higher self” or our true nature that we constantly seek? Certainly there are some scientists and dissectors of the mind who will deny anything they cannot visibly see. And where does this “anima” emanate from – our brains or our hearts? It is all so illusive and intangible. Does it reside in our psyche or is it in the seat of our affections? Sounds kind of psycho-spiritual, eh?