Physical maturity is not hidden easily. But emotional immaturity can certainly exist with all the trappings of what should be an “adult” life. You may have a brilliant boss, but come to realize that emotionally, he is an infant. So, what does single out an emotionally immature person?

Your car broke down, and your two-year-old had his unending scheduled tantrum this morning. “Check engine”? Yup, it’s still there. Listen, my car broke down. Instead of AAA, I called A.A. by mistake. They could only move my car 12 steps.

If you feel as though you have lost touch with your feelings, where do you suppose they went? You may have a profound sadness inside of yourself, but the emotion may not earn your conscious attention, because you were taught to always be grateful and never to complain.

What do the events of your life mean to you? Can you accept the reality for the sometimes truly sad thing that life is? At times, we need to allow for some dark truths about existence. Life can feel like a sequence of disappointments every so often. You had a misunderstanding with a loved one. You may be grieving a horrific loss. You have even endured a catastrophe.

Is your anxiety all-consuming at times? Do troubled thoughts squat in the middle of your mind and refuse to let positive, calming thoughts through? One thing is for certain. Those dark, negative ruminations do not like to be challenged, analyzed, or even questioned.