Do you actually know what a good relationship or friendship truly is? What is true love? Do you play games in your relationships? It may be less obvious to you if you go cold or camouflage your hurt feelings instead of sharing. You might bury your feelings but secretly hope your friend will feel bad for you or even apologize without even knowing how you truly feel.

Believe it or not, in some of your saddest moods, what you really need to strengthen is your power of imagination. When you are troubled, you simply cannot envision a better life than the one you presently have.

One of the most unfortunate flaws of the human condition is our capacity for self-hate. Have you ever known a dog, cat, or any other animal to actually loathe itself? You know you can trust your dog to guard your house, but you can’t trust your dog to guard your sandwich. My cats inspire me daily; they inspire me to get a dog!

Do you ever get so upset that you speak in a high-pitched voice and kind of feel like you’ve perhaps gone mad? Then your friend or partner actually speaks in an unusually calm manner, and oftentimes shuts the entire conversation down. That response really drives you into a frenzy.

Are you hungry right now? Not for pizza or a burrito, but for emotional connection? Listen, an easy way to make a salad taste better is to add nuts, fruit, or an entire burrito. You know what they say: Fries or salad? Sums up every adult decision you’ll ever have to make.

Does anyone in your life have a negative impact on your mood or even your self-esteem? Some people predictably create stress and negativity in your life. They can suck the life right out of you and even make you feel worse about yourself at times.