What are some of the thoughts that you believe about yourself that may not actually be true? Perhaps it’s time to take away some of their power and punch. After all, would you not prefer to be driving rather than sitting helplessly in the back seat? I just renewed my back-seat driver’s license actually.

“Saw it. Wanted it. Threw a tantrum. Got it.” Am I the only one noticing little children being doted on and getting manicures from full-grown adults these days? Then again, are you aware that children have become increasingly ill-mannered, insolent, and impolite, too? Kids are encouraged to express all their feelings, no matter how disrespectful and discourteous they are.

Are you generally kind, or do you tend to drive yourself too hard? Why, oh, why do we find self-acceptance so difficult? Do you think if you crack down on yourself enough it will motivate you to make some positive change?

So, you’re trying to amp up your attitude. Your self-help guru told you to use positive thinking, right? Post an encouraging affirmation on your social media, they say. You may be confused between what you like the most: hanging out or posting that you hung out. Want to change your life? Just repeat these uplifting affirmations and all your uneasiness will magically disappear. Or will it? You say: I am beautiful. You say: I will be financially successful. And your mind immediately reminds you that you feel unattractive and unprofitable.

Do you wake up every day saying to yourself: “Today is not my day”? Things are not the way they should be, are they? Sometimes we can set things right, but at times, we clearly cannot. Do you know how to simply accept some things as they are? Hmm, can you change the forecast today? My weekend forecast: reading, with a chance of chocolate. Then again, at a certain age your knees might give you a better forecast than the guy on TV.