What are you nervous about? How do you deal with your anxiety? We often try to fight these feelings, but ironically this may lead to more tension. Living in the fear-based world that the media continues to encourage makes it nearly impossible for many not to feel alarm and even panic about their health.

Do you ever feel as though you undermine your own agenda? You made some irrational choices and perhaps even experienced physical symptoms throughout the day. You ordered four more things from Amazon that you clearly do not need. I know. At this point you feel like they should save a seat for you at the dinner for your Amazon delivery guy. You missed the gym for two years in a row now and you simply aren’t getting where you wish to be in life. Speaking of which, people who think a minute goes fast have clearly never done a plank.

Would you offer to carry some heavy rocks in your backpack all day long? If you have resentment or hold grudges against others, that is exactly what you are doing, my friends. Speaking of rocks, be patient with geologists. They all have their faults. But honestly, you are so irritated and incensed that you may start dreaming of revenge and retaliation to relieve the burden.

When was the last time you conjured up one of a million excuses for not doing something you really should? You may be justifying your choices and lifestyle simply out of fear of change or perhaps an aversion to discomfort. You may have always wished for a more fulfilling career, but you seem to always find what you call good reasons to stay put. You thought you wanted a career, but it turns out all you wanted were paychecks. I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, because I’m still looking for ideas.

There is a fundamental truth of existence that pain is inevitable. It is an intrinsic part of life. Some of us take ill, lose our jobs, and eventually lose even our loved ones. But have you noticed that the greatest affliction and adversity hardly affects some, while the smallest inconvenience leaves others in a perpetual state of misery?